RVC Testing Center Soars to New Heights

FAA gives RVC Testing Center wings with a perfect audit. Each year, the Rock Valley College Testing Center administers thousands of tests. During the 2023 academic year, the staff delivered over 5,600 tests.

The testing center staff, consiting of five women, stand beside testing cubicles in the center.

The Testing Center staff is all smiles after their successful FAA audit.

Over 200 of those exams were three Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) computerized exams students needed to complete in order to obtain their Airframe and Powerplant licenses to perform maintenance on aircraft. The majority of students taking the FAA exams are from our very own Aviation Maintenance Technology program.

RVC is an FAA-designated test center that allows center staff to administer testing for all levels of FAA knowledge certifications. This testing is among the highest stakes testing offered in the Testing Center. In order to maintain their status with the FAA, RVC testing staff undergoes background checks and annual training. Further, staff must maintain a thorough understanding of the test requirements, government updates, and technical requirements in order to offer this testing to our aviation department and local community members.

In accordance with the FAA contract, the Testing Center is audited annually to ensure that the college is following FAA requirements, including security and documentation. During their 2023 audit, the Testing Center received a perfect audit with no discrepancies found.

We are so proud of the Testing Center team on this accomplishment. They have high standards to meet in order to administer FAA testing, and they make this work look easy. To earn this recognition is impressive. The volume of work in the Testing Center can be a lot to juggle.

The Testing Center administers multiple types of tests to RVC students and the surrounding community. These tests include:

  • Placement testing
  • TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) for entrance into nursing and allied health programs
  • State and federal certification exams that conclude a student’s program at RVC or other area institutions, such as the Illinois State Certified Nursing Exam or the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Academic testing for faculty when a student misses a test or has disability accommodations that require staff assistance or special technology
  • Testing for online and hybrid courses.

For information about the RVC Testing Center, visit https://rockvalleycollege.edu/academics/testing-center/index.