RVC Students Receive Medals in National Cyber League Competition

Four RVC Computer and Information Systems students recently received prestigious GOLD and Diamond medals during the National Cyber League Competition.

four RVC students who recently competed in a cybersecurity competition

Pictured from left-to-right: Eric Patterson, Robert Samoraj, Kristina Krist, and Corey Hirsch.

The National Cyber League, powered by Cyber Skyline, is a virtual, learning-centered cybersecurity competition designed to bridge the gap from curriculum to careers. This competition is held once each semester and is open to college and high school students.

Badging is a system that is used by the NCL competition to help individuals and teams track their performance. The Medal Badges issued by NCL consist of a division and a tier, which together represents an individual or team's percentile score in a game. There are five divisions. In ascending order, they are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Within each division are four tiers. They are represented as a numeric value starting from 4 (being the lowest) to 1 (being the highest). The division and tiers help players track their performance and growth across NCL Seasons.

For the individual we had two students achieve DIAMOND and one student achieve GOLD:

  • Kristina Krist finished 2,110th out of 7,879 in the 74th percentile nationally and earned a GOLD-3 Medal
  • Robert Samoraj finished 676th place out of 7,879 in the 92nd percentile nationally and earned a DIAMOND-4 Medal.
  • Corey Hirsch finished 214th place out of 7,879 in the 98th percentile nationally and earned DIAMOND-2 Medal

These three students were joined by an additional student, Eric Patterson, and competed in the team competition this past weekend finishing 212th out of 4,680 Teams. Congratulations to our CIS team for an outstanding finish!

The Computer and Information Systems program at RVC offers students the latest knowledge and skills to become a tech-savvy professional combining creativity, technical expertise, and the capacity for a fulfilling career. To learn more about our CIS program, visit the Computer and Information Systems program page.