RVC Student Awarded 2023 Gustafson Prize for Mathematics

Rock Valley College's Mathematics Department is proud to announce Massimo Chiarelli as the recipient of the prestigious 2023 R. David Gustafson Prize. This esteemed award is given annually to a student who has demonstrated exceptional mathematical talent at RVC.



Massimo Chiarelli with RVC Mathematics Department

Named in honor of Mr. R. David Gustafson, the former chair of the Mathematics Department, the Gustafson Prize recognizes students who exhibit outstanding mathematical skills and a genuine appreciation for the power and beauty of mathematics. Having served as the department chair for 25 years, Mr. Gustafson played a pivotal role in nurturing and developing the mathematical capabilities of countless students.

The award, established upon Mr. Gustafson's retirement, has been an integral part of the college's tradition for over two decades. Each year, the Mathematics Department at RVC invites applications for the Gustafson Prize, seeking to celebrate and honor students who exemplify the ideals set forth in its establishment.

Massimo Chiarelli's exceptional mathematical skills and dedication to the subject make him a deserving recipient of this prestigious award. His accomplishments and contributions to the field of mathematics have been truly remarkable, and the Mathematics Department is excited to bestow this honor upon him.