Intro to Creative Writing Debuts During Winterim Schedule

Exciting news for creative minds at Rock Valley College! Our Intro to Creative Writing class, ENG 108, is now being offered during the Winterim class schedule. This addition aims to fill the void in the winter course offerings for the Composition/Literature department, providing students with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of creative writing during a focused period.

students writing at desks

Rock Valley College students pictured at their desks, writing.

“Creative writing is my favorite subject to teach because it fosters growth in students as writers as well as thinkers,” said Molly Sides, Professor of Composition & Literature. “It provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their own experiences, ideas, and observations, and to turn them into art.”

Recognizing the value of creative productivity, the course emphasizes the importance of creative thinking, a skill integral to success in various career paths. Beyond its intellectual benefits, creative writing plays a pivotal role in the development of the mind. Moreover, ENG 108 aligns with the goal of fostering growth in creative writing, contributing substantially to the overall program.

When RVC student Austin Doe signed up for Creative Writing, he was in the process of deciding what he want to do in the future. After just two weeks, Austin knew that he wanted to write as a professional. “I was taught how to write in a way that others would enjoy, and I was given productive feedback that was well constructed,” said Austin. “After the course ended, I was able to look back at older works and see (quite bluntly) how bad I was. Ideas that I had thought were well written before I took the class became an example of how not to write.” Feedback is key for developing writing skills, and taking Creative Writing gave Austin both professional and student feedback.

Students enrolled in the subsequent creative writing course, ENG 109 often contribute to the content of Voices, the campus literary magazine published at the end of the spring semester. The Introductory Creative Writing class promises an exploration of the principles and processes involved in crafting poetry and fiction. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, readings, and workshop-based critiques, students will have the opportunity to compose original pieces, engage in critical discussions using relevant terminology, and actively participate in the writing and revision process.

Don't miss out on this chance to unleash your creativity and enhance your writing skills. Enroll in ENG 108 during Winterim and embark on a journey of literary exploration and expression! For more information, please visit