Senior Semester

Attend RVC full-time in the last semester of your senior year to earn dual credit toward finishing high school diploma and starting your college degree.

How to Get Started

  1. Meet with your high school counselor to discuss your eligibility.
  2. Apply to Rock Valley College
  3. Complete and submit RVC’s ACCUPLACER test or submit SAT/ACT scores for possible waiver of placement testing.

    Minimum required SAT scores: 550 or above in Math, 480 or above in Evidence-based Reading and Writing for tests taken 2/1/19 or later (510 is required for tests taken 3/17/18-1/31/19)

    Minimum required ACT scores: 19 or above in Reading, 19 or above in English, and 22 or above in Math

    Minimum required ACCUPLACER scores: 246 Reading, 250 Writing, and 257 QAS


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Eligibility Requirements

High schools identify qualified students based on the district agreement with RVC and any additional district specific criteria. Please check with your high school.

  • Strong academic standing in high school to guarantee high school graduation at completion of senior semester program.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in high school at the time of application.
  • Must be in at least their junior year of high school to apply for the Senior Semester program.
  • Completed three years of math, including: one year of Algebra and one year of Geometry or Integrated Math 1 and Integrated Math 2 with a grade of “B” or higher in each semester of each course by the end of junior year.
  • Completed three years of English with a grade of “B” or higher in each semester of each course by the end of the junior year.
  • Completed one year of Chemistry with a grade of “B” or higher in each semester by the end of the junior year.
  • Note: For students entering the Senior Semester program in Spring 2023 only, grades of “P” will be acceptable for semesters in which the high school used pass/fail grading.