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Psychology is a discipline that studies behavior and mental processes. It includes studying individual and group behavior, psychological disorders, thinking and intelligence, neuroscience, motivation and emotion, as well as learning and memory. It is one of the most popular college majors across the country and graduates can work in a variety of industries and settings.

What can I do with this degree?

Potential Careers & Wages

There are many options for students pursuing this area of study. Fields that someone with a bachelors degree in Psychology can pursue include many different career options such as: benefits manager, career/employment counselor, personnel recruiter, police officer, caseworker, polygraph examiner, child development specialist, probation/parole officer, project evaluator, psychiatric technician, stress evaluator, psychosocial rehabilitation specialist (PSR), correctional treatment specialist, criminal investigator (FBI and other), recreation leader, research assistant, disability policy worker, disability case manager, employee relations specialist, victims’ advocate, or volunteer coordinator.

If someone decided to pursue graduate level education in Psychology, they can become a clinical or counseling psychologist, a school psychologist, an industrial/organization psychologist, or a forensic psychologist.  At the research level, they can go into developmental psychology, educational psychology, experimental psychology, or social psychology 

Program Pathways

Students should meet with an Academic Advisor to develop a clear pathway leading to a seamless transfer experience or transition to the workforce. For additional possibilities that may require an advanced degree or certification, make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

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