Workforce Equity Initiative

WEI Programs & Benefits

Program Goals

  • At least 60% of participating students will be African American
  • At least 75% of participants will successfully complete identified program of study within the accelerated time frame
  • At least 75% of participants will successfully complete life-skills training addressing the Illinois Essential Employability Skills (i.e. STU 103: Workplace Ethics and Job Readiness)
  • At least 60% of participants will continue within the field in which they prepared at the end of their program by either being employed in a full-time job at least 30% above the regional living wage or by being registered for continued training/education

Current Programs

Participants in this initiative will be provided short-term educational opportunities that will lead to employment specifically in the sectors of:

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Tuition Fully Covered

The RVC-WEI initiative will provide you with stipends to cover the cost of tuition, fees, and materials for courses required to complete the identified short-term certificate. You will also be provided with wrap-around support services, such as life and career coaching and financial support for transportation and child care, addressing your individual needs to be successful in completing educational requirements and securing post-completion employment.