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Right Place to Start

About Us

The Right Place to Start (RPS) program is designed to give intensive academic and personal support to student participants throughout the 2013-2014 academic year. To be eligible for the RPS program you must test into Reading RDG 096 or above, have graduated from a Rockford Public High School, or live in the Rockford Public School District. The benefits of the program include two free classes (STU 100 and 101), one-on-one and group coaching sessions, career and transfer exploration via college tours, and earned incentives (gas cards, meal cards, bus passes, etc.).  

For more information on this exciting academic opportunity please contact Intercultural Student Services at (815) 921-4116.


Right Place to Start newsletters will be published monthly.



The Right Place to Start Workshops are learning opportunities for all students! From study skills to self-help to career exploration each unique workshop will be a valuable tool for RVC students.

All workshops are free and open to all students.

More workshops coming soon!