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The Power of 3


1. Intercultural Student Services: For all underrepresented and under-served students

We provide education, awareness and support. ISS works to advise, coach, mentor, and train you as both students and leaders. We also create special programs that establish an atmosphere of respect and success for the diverse needs of international, multicultural, first generation, LGBTQAI+, and student athlete populations, like our First Generation Speaker Series and our initiatives for both males and females.

2. International Student Services: For international students

We work closely with all international and undocumented students, creating a positive, supportive environment for you and your various endeavors. Our International Student Coordinator provides the primary support and assistance for this student population as you develop and complete your educational goals at Rock Valley College. We celebrate various cultures with community presentations, ethnic celebration days, and our multicultural International Showcase.


3. Right Place to Start: For Rockford Public School District students and residents

The Right Place to Start (RPS) program* provides comprehensive academic and personal support to RVC students who either graduated from a Rockford Public School 205 high school or currently reside in the RPS-205 district. Acceptance into the program is based on a student profile review and department coordinator approval.

We help ensure your success by offering Student Success Workshops, and Life Coaches and Peer Accountability Trainers (PAT), who give you one-on-one attention.  Once you’ve achieved your personal goals at RVC, we even offer FREE college tours of transfer schools in the area—to help keep you on the road to success!


Mission Statement

The Intercultural Student Services (ISS) office is committed to the overall development of our underrepresented and underserved student populations through educationally purposeful initiatives that enhance academic and personal success, student engagement, and embrace diversity and global awareness. Intercultural Student Services can enhance all aspects of your life: academic, professional, personal, social, and cultural.


ISS Helps You

Develop academic, leadership, and professional skills

We offer additional academic support; academic success workshops in study skills and critical thinking; and workshops in personal and professional development.

Make the most of what is available to you

Receive awards and recognitions, earn academic incentives and learn more about student scholarship opportunities.

Access opportunities that will transform your life

Academic coaching and success planning to help you navigate life and RVC services, and FREE college tours of transfer schools in the area— when you’re ready to move on!

Celebrate and explore diversity, culture, and the community around you

Network with RVC staff and community leaders and engage in cultural programs and activities, student-lead initiatives, and community service opportunities, like mentorship.



Sonia Reising, Coordinator of Intercultural Student Services

Mary Foreman, International Student Coordinator

Lamis Diab, Administrative Assistant


Advising Requirement

As an RVC student you are required to meet with an academic advisor each semester until you reach 18 college credits. 

Please discuss this requirement with an academic advisor at the end of your new student Educational Planning Session if you believe this requirement should not apply to you.

Contact Us

RVC Main Campus
Student Center 2nd Floor
(815) 921-4116

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