Rockford, Illinois

Home School Students

Home-school students are eligible to take college courses for dual credit, meeting the same requirements as other schools.

  • Courses are offered at RVC Campuses.
  • Students receive both high school and college credit for college-level courses successfully completed. (*Students may take college courses for college credit only if they choose).
  • RVC tuition charges apply; families are responsible for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and transportation.
**Note: Students under the age of 16 must meet special admission procedures to enroll in college level courses. Please follow instructions in the Early Enrollment Packet, or contact the High School Connections office for more information.

How to get started...

  • Take the RVC ACCUPLACER Placement Test (photo ID required) OR submit ACT scores (these scores may waive a student from having to take the ACCUPLACER test).
  • Pay tuition and fees & purchase books and supplies.