Rockford, Illinois

Articulated Credit

Articulated credit provides students with the opportunity to acquire college credit for previous high school course work in order to facilitate easy transition into a college CTE (Career & Technical Education) program without requiring duplication of that course work.

Articulated college credit is awarded to students who successfully complete a course/program while in high school and complete additional coursework at RVC that meets the requirements of the Articulation Agreement for the program in which the student was enrolled.  However, college credit is available through a written agreement between the high school and RVC.

Course Offering Responsibility:  
High school level courses are offered by the high school and/or through CEANCI. The high school or CEANCI have full responsibility for the course offering and advise students of requirements for articulation of the course for college credit. 

Courses are offered at high schools in the region served by RVC District #511 or at sites for regional programs administered through CEANCI.

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Student Forms

Student's Application for earning Articulated Credit

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