Grievance Procedure

Students have the right to request accommodations and to receive fair treatment within the educational system. Rock Valley College is dedicated to resolving conflicts and disagreements regarding reasonable accommodations. If you feel that you have been subjected to unfair or improper treatment due to a disability, you may contact the ADA Compliance Officer (Dean of Students).

The process and timeline for filing a grievance are as follows:

  1. Students shall express their concern initially with the appropriate faculty/staff member involved in the conflict in an informal manner. The Director of Disability Support Services is involved (whenever necessary) to clarify rights and procedures for both parties.
  2. If the complaint is unresolved after the informal discussion, the student may contact the ADA Compliance Officer to file a formal, written statement of the problem. The written complaint to the officer must:

    • Clearly state the nature and basis of the alleged offense
    • Be signed and dated
    • Provide the name(s) of the person(s) committing the alleged offense
    • Document specifics of the incident(s) in question
    • Identify any known witness(es) who have knowledge of the alleged discrimination

    Note: In cases of alleged illegal discrimination based on race, sex, or handicap, the officer will contact the college vice president prior to advising the student about course of action.
  3. The immediate supervisor of the involved staff member will conduct an investigation and respond in writing to the student, with a copy to the officer, within 30 days of the filing date of the complaint. An extension for additional review may be granted by agreement of the officer.
  4. If the student feels that the decision of the immediate supervisor is arbitrary or capricious or if they have new evidence to present, they may appeal in writing to the next level of supervision or an individual designated by the officer within 10 days of the decision. The following must be done:

    • A copy of the appeal must be submitted to the officer

    • Upon appropriate review, the appellate determination must be communicated in writing to all parties involved within 30 days of the date of the appeal.

  5. The decisions of the officer or appointed designee regarding review and appeal shall be final. If it was determined that law and/or college policy was violated, a remedy to the problem will be offered. If it is determined that there was no violation, the complainant will be notified and other options for possible resolution of the complaint will be explained.

    Rock Valley College ADA Compliance Officer:
    Rick Daniels, Interim Dean of Students
    Student Center
    (815) 921-4187


As appropriate, the ADA Compliance Officer may designate different persons to review cases or may consolidate complaints when such action is consistent with administrative efficiency and a fair resolution of the problem. In cases where the complaint itself is frivolous, harassing in nature, or not specific, the officer may refuse to process the complaint. Written notification will be provided the student in such a case.