Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois


Disability Services FAQs

Am I required to make initial contact with the DSS office?
Yes, if you have a disability and are requesting services, you are required to make initial contact and provide documentation of your disability and specifically request accommodations through the Disability Support Services (DSS) office.

Is there a separate application to the college for students with disabilities?
No.  Students with disabilities should apply to the college as any student would.  If a student would like to disclose a disability in the admissions process, they may do so voluntarily. While a student may not officially register with DSS until they have been accepted, any prospective student is welcome to call or visit with DSS to become informed of our services.  All documentation of disability should be directed to the DSS, rather than given to the Admissions office.

If I don't have documentation to provide for my disability, what do I do?
You should contact the DSS office to schedule an appointment.  A staff member will discuss with you what struggles you are having, and provide you with resources on services you may be eligible for.  If it is deemed that an evaluation is necessary, the staff member can provide resources on where you can have this done.  Click here for more information on tips for undocumented students.

Do I get the same supports in college that I got on my IEP or 504 Plan in High School?
The IEP and 504 Plans created in K-12 expire once a student graduates from high school.  The DSS staff will develop, with you, your list of accommodations taking into account your input at the intake appointment, the documentation of disability you provide, as well as your history of supports.  In many cases, services are similar to what was received in high school, although students may see a slight reduction in services.  Accommodations are individualized to the students' specific areas of need.

Can a parent request accommodations?
No.  All requests for accommodations must be made by the student.  Parents are welcome at the initial appointment with the student's consent.

Once I have registered with Disability Services, how do my Professors learn of my accommodations?
Each semester, the student must request accommodation letters, and deliver them to their instructors.  Students make the determination which instructors they wish to give a letter. Accommodations are student-driven and students make the choices regarding the sharing of accommodation information.  Once letters are provided, students are encouraged to speak directly with their professors about their specific needs.

What are some of the commonly provided accommodations and services?

Testing Accommodations:
  • reader/taped test
  • scribe
  • extended time
  • distraction-reduced environment 
  • calculator or multiplication table guide 
Preferential Seating
Classroom relocation
Alternate format textbooks
Voice recording of lectures
Note takers
Sign language interpreters
Assistive listening devices
Assistive technology
  • equipment
  • hardware
  • software
Priority registration

Appropriate accommodations are determined on an individual case-by-case basis between the DSS staff and the student.

What services are not provided by DSS?

Services that cannot be provided include personal attendants, individually prescribed devices (including glasses and hearing aids), readers for personal use or study, or other devices or services of a personal nature such as typing or a tutor outside the Student Success Center. If students need any of these services, they are responsible for providing and paying for these services themselves.