Rockford, Illinois


Rockford College
Bachelor of Science in Management Studies (BSMS)

That’s why Rockford College has created a program especially for adults who want to finish their undergraduate degree. Called the Return-to-College Program, this adult accelerated degree completion program allows busy working adults the chance to get a real liberal arts education – real classrooms, real professors, and a real library, all on a real college campus.

The Bachelor of Science in Management Studies (BSMS) degree program is designed to provide a quality educational experience for adult learners in the Rockford community. BSMS is an accelerated undergraduate degree completion program specifically designed for the adult learner who has an associate’s degree or equivalent and wants to complete a quality bachelor’s degree program.

It’s fast. Here’s how it works: Transfer in at least 45 hours of coursework. Then, you’ll join a cohort learning community of about 20 students. Your group will take one course at a time every five weeks – including thought-provoking subjects like global diversity and organizational ethics. About 18-24 months later, you’ll have a B.S. in Management Studies – a real life degree from a real-life college.

It’s collaborative. You won’t go it alone. Instead, you and your cohort group will study together, work on projects together, even teach one another. Best of all, you’ll have real professors who are permanent members of Rockford College’s faculty. Talk to them in person all you want!

It’s affordable. The BSMS is affordably-priced, so that you can finish your degree. Students will be considered full-time and will be eligible to apply for financial aid. The cost per credit hour is $375.

It’s a true liberal arts education. Some degree completion programs focus on just getting you through the program. At Rockford, we focus on helping you become well and truly educated for life. You’re not just getting a degree. You’re getting access to the Rockford College community – computer labs, sporting events, performing arts, and all.

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National-Louis University
Bachelor of Science in Management (18 months)

Our BSM programs team real-world experience with interactive classroom techniques to create an environment of learning and growth. Using knowledge of previous business experience, every member of the class brings different issues, thoughts and suggestions that give you a greater knowledge of the working world today.

Our new BSM Online program allows you to complete this degree no matter where you are in the world. Using WebCt, an online interactive classroom, students can still interact and learn from each other, even if you are states apart.

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Judson University
Management and Leadership

This major is for those individuals involved or interested in areas of business and management or related fields. Courses are taught by experienced professionals who incorporate real-life business applications into the classroom. The major provides a broad business base that students can use in a variety of employment opportunities. 

Also, this major is available in an online delivery format, called AIM Online. Contact your enrollment specialist for further details about AIM Online.

Upper Iowa University-Rockford

The purpose of a management major is to build on the foundation of the business core to enable the learner to apply theoretical organizational strategies to practical business situations and to present, analyze and evaluate options to effectively integrate material and human resources for enhanced productivity toward a socially responsible end.

The management major consists of 60 semester credits, including the business core of foundation courses. In addition, students must complete the business general education requirements, along with additional elective credits to complete the 120 semester credits required for the Bachelor of Science degree. At least 18 credits in this major must be earned in upper division coursework. A minimum 2.0 GPA in the major is required for graduation.

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