Rockford, Illinois

Business Administration

Northern Illinois University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

After fulfilling their core business requirements, B.S. B.A. Rockford students will complete 60 semester hours in approved upper-division business and business-related courses offered by NIU's College of Business in a two-year time frame. 

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Upper Iowa University-Rockford

Upper Iowa University offers several degree programs that will prepare you to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving and increasingly computer-dependent business environment. Special emphasis is placed on the organizational, analytical and professional skills required for success in the major business areas. UIU graduates are well prepared to deal with individuals, groups, ideas and technology.

All business majors require the completion of specific general education courses, the business core, and 21 to 27 credits in a specific major.

Double majors are allowed and involve completing all the courses listed in each major and a Senior Project for each major. Please refer to the individual requirements as listed in the major area.