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Rock Valley College Foundation Announces 2010-2011 Scholarship Awards

Posted: Friday, October 15, 2010

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This year, spurred by our ailing economy, the Rock Valley College Foundation received hundreds of applications for scholarships. Thanks to the commitment and generosity of our donors, the RVC Foundation was able to award over $130,000 in scholarships for the 2010-2011 academic year. 

The RVC Foundation administers more than 50 endowed (permanently funded) scholarships with criteria that range from academic ability or geographic region, to those that focus on a particular area of study. Many endowed scholarships fund awards for multiple students.  In addition, sixteen unendowed scholarships were awarded this year.

To learn more about how to apply for a scholarship or you wish to donate to help fund the education of an aspiring, young student call (815) 921-4507.

2010-2011 RVC Foundation Scholarship Recipients By City

Tyler                Barr                                         Belvidere

Justin               Book                                        Belvidere

Michael            Branson                                   Belvidere

Hannah            Cornelius                                  Belvidere

Christina           Critchfield                                Belvidere

Hanane            Ghazoune                                 Belvidere

Tyler                Johnston                                  Belvidere

Joseph            Korotasz, Jr                             Belvidere

Cesar               Lira                                          Belvidere

Amy                 Ortiz                                         Belvidere

Audrey             Pearson                                   Belvidere

Dana                Penze                                      Belvidere

Rose                Petersen                                  Belvidere

Alaina              Reeverts                                  Belvidere

Frank               Sesto                                       Belvidere

Rebekah           Smetters                                  Belvidere

Hanna              Stilwell                                     Belvidere

Nathan             Tripp                                        Belvidere

Ryan                Veeder                                     Belvidere

Deidra              Weber                                      Belvidere

Ashley             Arterberry                                 Byron

Brianne            Bjorklund                                  Byron

Alexis              Cabral                                      Byron

Sarah               Edwards                                  Byron

Rebecca          Hines                                       Byron

Shaylene          Hoover                                     Byron

Catharin           Loveridge                                 Caledonia

Caitlyn             Dean                                        Capron

Jack                 Furness                                    Cherry Valley

Torrie               Thomas                                    Cherry Valley

Michelle           Campbell                                 Cherry Valley

Gregory           Drzmkowski                              Cherry Valley

Angela             Wyckoff                                   Davis Junction

Jeremy             Toms                                       Dixon

Jamie               King                                         Durand

Leia                 Nebergall                                 Garden Prairie

Grace               Shanks                                     Garden Prairie

Mirjeta              Asanoska                                 Loves Park

Sharon             Canonigo                                 Loves Park

Lourdes           Gonzalez                                  Loves Park

Lisa                 Gutierrez                                  Loves Park

Natalie             Rea                                          Loves Park

Michelle           Boesen                                    Machesney Park

Jared               Busker                                     Machesney Park

Jessica            Cabe                                        Machesney Park

Courtney          Hancock                                   Machesney Park

Lisa                 Kuehne                                    Machesney Park

Michael            McCarthy                                 Machesney Park

Tammy             McDonnell                                Machesney Park

Corey               Roberts                                    Machesney Park

Jomar              Rocha                                      Machesney Park

Stephanie         Sanders                                   Machesney Park

Brittany            Spitzer                                     Machesney Park

Christian           Traff                                        Machesney Park

Ashley             Rippentrop                               Monroe Center

Barbara            Sweeney                                  Monroe Center

Jessica            Sweeney                                  Monroe Center

Cynthia            Evans                                      Oregon

Samuel            Fountain                                   Poplar Grove

Joshua             Humphry                                  Poplar Grove

Brittany            Jariabka                                   Poplar Grove

Cheryl              Andrada                                   Rockford

Hannah            Babler                                      Rockford

Matthew           Babler                                      Rockford

Sydney            Barnes                                     Rockford

Dustin              Bergman                                  Rockford

Caleb               Brown                                      Rockford

Arnesa             Camo                                       Rockford

Cassandra        Carlson                                    Rockford

Sierra               Chandler                                  Rockford

Chelsea            Clarke                                      Rockford

Cleo                 Claudillo                                   Rockford

Rendy              Coyle                                       Rockford

Kelsey             Dickson                                   Rockford

Joel                 Didler                                       Rockford

Thao                Doan                                       Rockford

David               Dutcher                                    Rockford

Colin                Eash                                        Rockford

Dawn               Fiore                                        Rockford

Alyssa             Floberg                                    Rockford

Megan             Gendron                                   Rockford

Holly                Gooden                                   Rockford

Amanda           Hendry                                     Rockford

Raiya               Hussein                                    Rockford

Lakechia           Jones                                      Rockford

Gooyoung        Jung                                        Rockford

Melissa            Klonicki                                    Rockford

Dana                Kruse                                       Rockford

Joshua             Larson                                     Rockford

Kyle                 Lundin                                      Rockford

Corinne            Madison                                   Rockford

Paige               Moore                                      Rockford

DeShawn         Moss                                       Rockford

Julie                 Nesbit                                      Rockford

Jessica            O'Hara                                     Rockford

Staci                Olson                                       Rockford

Heather            Paul                                         Rockford

Paulius             Petrosius                                 Rockford

Micah               Pfundstein                               Rockford

Rose                Poli                                          Rockford

Jose                Ramirez                                    Rockford

Thomas            Reed                                        Rockford

Taylor              Rivera                                      Rockford

Cassidy           Roop                                       Rockford

Mary                Schoeben                                Rockford

Anne-Catherine Schroeder                                Rockford

Melissa            Scott                                       Rockford

Laurence (Laira)Sitchon                                    Rockford

LeAnn              Spitzer                                     Rockford

Tatiana             Terzich                                     Rockford

Noe                 Torres                                      Rockford

Carolyn            Wilson                                     Rockford

Russell             Wolf                                        Rockford

Mingkhwan       Zehner                                     Rockford

Ashley             Bockelman                               Rockton

Jessica            Brinkmeier                                Rockton

Zackery            Withrow                                    Rockton

Jessica            Bryant                                      Roscoe

Kainah             Carroll                                      Roscoe

Jessica            Cox                                         Roscoe

Cameron          Gross                                      Roscoe

Robert             Patterson                                 Roscoe

Ian                   Paulli                                       Roscoe

Zachary            Philipp                                     Roscoe

Jennifer            Seidel                                      Roscoe

Matthew           Swick                                       Roscoe

Erin                  Zarnick                                     Roscoe

Jenessa           Zimmer                                    Roscoe

Clifford            Schorr                                      South Beloit

Larry                Benner, II                                  South Beloit

Rhonda            Davenport                                South Beloit

Catherine          Garcia                                      South Beloit

Kari                  Krieg                                        South Beloit

Natalie             Freymiller                                 Stillman Valley

Kristine            Mandelke                                 Stillman Valley

Dixie                Perko                                       Stillman Valley

Angela             Hale                                         Winnebago

Kimberlin          Smith                                       Winnebago

Laurin               Smith                                       Winnebago

Samantha         Smith                                       Winnebago

Endowed Scholarships 2009-2010

Independent Accountants Association of Illinois Rockford Chapter Accounting Scholarship

E. Clarence Ahlgren Memorial Scholarship

Frank W. Allen Memorial Scholarship

Amcore Scholarship

Nancy E. Anderson Scholarship

Leola Arnold Scholarship

Blaine Auker Memorial Scholarship

Herbert J. Boetcher Memorial Scholarship

Caryl Jean Brown Memorial Scholarship

Thomas A. Bullen Scholarship

Carlson Memorial Engineering Scholarship

Leonard J. Cartier Memorial Scholarship

Rudy M. Chapko Leadership Scholarship

Dean Durst-Rock Valley College Community Chorale Vocal Arts Scholarship

Eloise K. Eshbaugh Scholarship

Danny Eytalis Memorial Scholarship

Betty Fernandez Memorial Scholarship

Dale Gulbrantson Memorial Scholarship

Bob Hawkins Memorial Scholarship

Heidi Hutchison Memorial Scholarship

Lieutenant Kelli Ingardona Memorial Scholarship

Illinois Respiratory Brad Raney Memorial Scholarship

Harlan J. and Elsie Ingwalson Memorial Scholarship

Kaufman Art Scholarship

Fred E. Machesney Memorial Scholarship

Dave Madden Memorial Scholarship

Lynn E. Manning Memorial Scholarship

Gregory Scott and Harold W. Maysent Scholarship

Kevin R. McIntyre Memorial Fire Science Scholarship

Kenneth L. Meadows Memorial Scholarship

The Navy Club of Rockford Ship No. 1 Scholarship

Jeanette E. Nelson Scholarship

Nihan Memorial Scholarship

Dale Oij Scholarship

Sue Olive Memorial Scholarship

Lydia Luhman Pederson Memorial Scholarship

Harold Peterson Police Science Scholarship

George and Lucille Pollnow Scholarship

Porod Chemistry Scholarship

Victoria Purnell Memorial Scholarship

Kevin D. Rice, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Rockford Business and Professional Woman's Club Scholarship

Rock Valley College Foundation Scholarship

B.W. "Sandy" Sandberg Memorial Scholarship

George E. Seidler Scholarship

Starlight Theatre Scholarship

Upstate Illinois Public Relations Scholarship

Ann Waddell Memorial Scholarship

Evelyn Abrahamson Memorial Scholarship

James S. and Shirley E. Waddell/SwedishAmerican Health Systems Scholarship

Edward and Kathryn Way Memorial Scholarship

Albert S. Wrate Memorial Scholarship  

Unendowed Scholarships 2010-2011

Alpine Kiwanis Scholarship Fund
DoAnn Geiger (Goodwill) Scholarship Fund
Ina M. Cholke and Olga Dean Bullard Scholarship
Elizabeth "Liz" Harris Memorial Scholarship
Illinois Health Improvement Association Scholarship Fund
Boyd and Marilyn Johnson Scholarship
Rockford Lions Club Scholarship
Jon Lundin (Goodwill) Scholarship Fund
Catherine Manzullo Memorial Fund
Rock Valley College Professional Staff Association Scholarship Fund
Rotary Club of East Rockford and Cherry Valley/Vern Jacobson Scholarship Fund
Hazel M. McColl Nursing Scholarship
Rotary Club of Rockford East/Cherry Valley Scholarship
Sheet Metal Workers Local 219 Scholarship Fund
Steiner/Kerman Scholarship Fund
Donald H. Wrork, MD Memorial Scholarship