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Grants to support college initiatives awarded by RVC Foundation

Posted: Thursday, December 10, 2009

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This year, despite the economic downturn, the Rock Valley College Foundation is pleased to have been in a position to allocate $65,000 for grant funding to support RVC events and initiatives that benefit students, staff, faculty, as well as the community.

On December 1, 2009 the Grant Selection Committee (made up of eight RVC Foundation board members) met to discuss each grant proposal in detail.  After much deliberation, the committee and the RVC Foundation Board are pleased to report the selection of the following fifteen grants.

Community Outreach

Mobile Computer Lab for Illinois Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) - Fund a mobile computer lab to make it possible for low income individuals, women, and minorities access ISBDC workshops and training courses.

National TRIO Day Speaker – Assist in the funding for a keynote speaker for TRIO Day on the RVC campus, and help make it possible to offer free admission to RVC students and staff, as well as area high school students.

Degrees Within Reach – Assist with the funding of a fair to bring together area 4-year institutions in a forum to provide students with information the path for completion of bachelor's or master's degrees.

Youth Groundwater Festival - Assist with funding the festival to educate students and volunteers about groundwater and drinking water in the Rockford area.

Whiz Kids Scholarships – Fund scholarships to provide an opportunity for economically-disadvantaged youth to attend Whiz Kids and be exposed to the concept of continuing education at RVC.

Adult Education & Literacy

Adult Ed Books & GED Fee Scholarships – Fund ABE & GED course books as well as GED testing fees for low income students who might otherwise not be able to afford their books or the GED testing fee.

Textbooks for Refugees – Provide funding for textbooks for English as a Second Language (ESL) students who do not have the financial resources to purchase their own textbooks. 

Professional Programs

Grow Our Own Nursing Faculty – Provide scholarships to RVC nursing staff to complete higher education in order to create a continuity of quality staff for the RVC nursing program.

Health & Safety

Defibrillators for RVC Police Vehicles – Fund two, new, automated external defibrillators in order to equip all RVC police vehicles with these important emergency devices.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Philosophy Speaker – Assist with the funding of a speaker for the first, annual speaker series to engage RVC students, faculty, staff, and the community.

Spectrophotometer for Biology – Fund a spectrophotometer to provide students with an opportunity to experiment with techniques that are used in research labs such as chlorophyll analysis, enzyme kinetic assays, as well as protein and DNA qualification.

Microscale Glassware Kits – Fund Kontes glassware kits in order to incorporate EPA's "Green Chemistry" principles into chemistry labs.

Analytical Balances – Fund the purchase of analytical balances for chemistry experiments in order to be able to measure more precisely, resulting in a decrease in the amount of solid/chemical waste that is generated.

Telescope Accessories – Fund telescope accessories to improve capabilities, including a focuser and cooling fan to sharpen images, and a flip mirror to allow for an easy switch between the eye-piece and an electronic imaging system.

Portable Student Telescopes – Fund the expansion of the number of portable telescopes from 8 to 12 to enable more students to participate, as well as fund needed tripods & brackets.

For more information about these grants or the RVC Foundation, or to find out how you can donate, we invite you to call the Foundation office at (815) 921-4500.

Established in 1979, the Rock Valley College Foundation's mission is to support the priorities of RVC for quality programs and service to the college district by obtaining private contributions.