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RVC awards 2017 Faculty of the Year

Posted: Monday, April 17, 2017

Media Contact: Dave Costello, 815-921-4516

Professor of Music Paul Laprade has been honored as the 29th recipient of the Rock Valley College Faculty of the Year award.  Fellow faculty members and campus colleagues were on hand on April 13 as Professor Laprade was presented his award during the College’s faculty development session.

In his 14 years at RVC, Professor Laprade has taught a number of different music courses, including most recently Music Theory, American Music, and Piano. During his tenure he was responsible for developing and teaching three new courses (Women’s Choir, Diction for Singers, and Choral Conducting) and for adding master classes to the voice curriculum, whereby acknowledged master teachers from outside the College and region came to RVC to work in assessing and teaching RVC students advance techniques. Professor Laprade also conducts the College’s choirs which annually perform a number of concerts on campus and in the community during the fall and spring semesters. Under his direction, RVC students have been honored to be the only two-year college students to perform at the Washington National Cathedral (2005), the Illinois Music Educators’ Association (2007), and at the White House (2009). 

“I will never forget being the first ensemble to be contacted to perform for the Obama holiday festivities, and watching the students use every technique I ever taught them to learn hours of music in just four days,” said Professor Laprade. “To see the sense of accomplishment and achievement on their faces is a memory I will never forget.”

Additional contributions Professor Laprade has made to the College outside of the classroom have included serving as the advisor for the Music Education Club and Choral Clubs, chairing the Music Scholarship committee, and conducting a choir performance annually at the College’s commencement ceremony.

“I feel that the challenge of RVC’s needs in choral/vocal music and my teaching/educational background have been a match, and that I made a significant difference,” said Professor Laprade. “Perhaps my greatest joy of being at RVC has been the degree to which my position and activities have allowed me and our students to contribute to our community, and to the larger world around us through performances and outreach.”

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