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RVC Sustainable Energy Club collecting data

Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2013

Media Contact: Dave Costello, 815-921-4516

Sustainable Energy ClubThe Rock Valley College Sustainable Energy Club is collecting data on the regional implementation of Renewable Energy Technologies and associated projects. Their goal is by Earth Day to be able to create a list to prepare a regional information map reflecting the type, size, and location of all solar electric, solar thermal (heat) wind turbines, geothermal, bio gas, and related technologies to encourage others to understand and be able to evaluate how these installations benefit the community.

This project will be incorporated into a larger state map being developed by the Clean Energy Trust and by others state wide. The goal is for this region to be recognized as a leader in these areas of interest throughout the state. So far over 40 sites in Winnebago and Boone County have been identified and with assistance the hope is to find at least 40 more.

Freedom Field is providing logistical support for this effort as part of its commitment to education, and in particular to the RVC student population who have helped Freedom Field with significant volunteer time.

The Sustainable Energy Club is asking persons to report or identify locations and any applicable information, including size, ownership in the region (Winnebago, Boone, Stephenson, and Ogle Counties) to:

Any information that is provided will be kept confidential if requested.

If there are any questions you can contact:  Chet Kolodziej at Freedom Field at 815-621-8004.