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Number Title Credits
  BIO-100 Introductory Human Biology (3)
  BIO-103 Introductory Life Science (3)
  BIO-104 Introductory Life Science Laboratory (1)
  BIO-106 Environmental Science (3)
  BIO-107 Environmental Science Laboratory (1)
  BIO-113 Plants and Society (4)
  BIO-140 Introduction to Evolution (3)
  BIO-150 Microbes and Society (3)
  BIO-152 Microbes & Society Laboratory (1)
  BIO-162 Human Heredity (3)
  BIO-164 Field Ecology (3)
  BIO-171 Biology of Human Disease (3)
  BIO-185 Foundations Anatomy & Physiology (5)
  BIO-201 Fundamentals of Biology I (4)
  BIO-202 Fundamentals of Biology II (4)
  BIO-210 Introductory Field Botany (4)
  BIO-274 Microbiology (4)
  BIO-281 Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
  BIO-282 Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
  BIO-290 Applied Research in Biology (3)