Music Courses at Rock Valley College


The Department of Music offers music theory, history and applied music courses for students who intend to pursue a Bachelors degree in music. Classes in music literature and American music are offered to all students for general interest and to satisfy the humanities requirement of the Associate degrees. Students who enjoy being part of a music group may participate in a variety of ensembles.

For a list of current concerts, check our concerts page.

For complete and current information, call the Division office at (815) 921-3317, or fax us at (815) 921-3439.

Music Theory is a four-semester sequence of courses common to most college music degree curriculums. Students wanting to begin these classes are expected to know how to read music (treble and bass clefs) and to understand major and minor scales and key signatures. The RVC Music Department offers a class in Music Fundamentals for students who need to develop these skills.

Applied Music Students who intend to major in music and/or participate in RVC music ensembles may wish to develop their performance skills further by taking weekly half-hour private lessons. Private lessons are not offered to beginners.

Permission to enroll in Applied Music must be obtained from the Music Department. Call the Division office at (815) 921-3317.

Ensembles Students who like to play or sing with a group are encouraged to join one or more of these college-credit ensembles:

  • Concert Choir
  • Chamber Singers
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Women's Choir

With the exception of Chamber Singers and Women's Choir, no audition is required--just interest!