Math Lab

The RVC Math Lab is staffed by math faculty and serves all RVC math students.  The study side, JCSM-0210, has some computers and tables for studying and doing math homework. The classroom side, JCSM-0212, has an additional 24 computers for computer-assisted math classes and for students to use for math-related work such as online homework.  

Math Lab Services

Free Drop-In Math Tutoring

  • All  RVC math classes – Instructors as tutors. See our tutoring schedule.

Computers – Math Use Only 

  • Do your online math homework, login to EAGLE math classes, view math tutorials and DVDs or visit some helpful math web sites (see Math Help & Resources to the right).

Study Location

  • A place to do your math homework with help available when you need it.

Math Textbooks

  • All math texts available for use in the lab.

Math DVDs

  • Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus text DVDs available for use in the lab.

Calculator Assistance

  • All models.


The Math Lab is Not:

  • A solutions factory for graded assignments.
  • A substitute for class lectures.
  • An open computer lab.



  • Food and drink are not permitted in the lab.
  • Computers are for math work only. 
  • Priority for tutoring will be given to the instructor’s own students.
  • Please be patient if you have to wait for help.



See a lab student worker or tutor for assistance or to check out textbooks or DVDs.