Math Lab

The RVC Math Lab is staffed by math faculty and serves all RVC math students.  The study side, JCSM-0210, has some computers and tables for studying and doing math homework. The classroom side, JCSM-0212, has an additional 24 computers for computer-assisted math classes and for students to use for math-related work such as online homework.  

Math Lab Services

Free Drop-In Math Tutoring

  • All  RVC math classes – Instructors as tutors. See our tutoring schedule.

Computers – Math Use Only 

  • Do your online math homework, login to EAGLE math classes, view math tutorials and DVDs or visit some helpful math web sites (see Useful Links at top of this page).

Study Location

  • A place to do your math homework with help available when you need it.

Math Textbooks

  • All math texts available for use in the lab.

Math DVDs

  • Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus text DVDs available for use in the lab.

Calculator Assistance

  • All models.


The Math Lab is Not:

  • A solutions factory for graded assignments.
  • A substitute for class lectures.
  • An open computer lab.



  • Food and drink are not permitted in the lab.
  • Computers are for math work only. 
  • Priority for tutoring will be given to the instructor’s own students.
  • Please be patient if you have to wait for help.



See a lab student worker or tutor for assistance or to check out textbooks or DVDs.