Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

Composition and Literature


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Administrative Assistant II

Rebecca Stien
CLII - 115


(Spring 2013)

ENG-082, Basic English Skills
ENG-097, Essentials of Writing
ENG-099, Intro to College Writing
ENG-101, Composition I
ENG-103, Composition II
ENG-105, Business Communications
ENG-108, Intro Creative Writing
ENG-110, Intro Technical Writing
ENG-207, Creative Writing: Fiction

JRN-105, Newspaper Production I
JRN-110, Newspaper Production II
JRN-139, Literary Magazine Production
JRN-205, Newspaper Production III
JRN-210, Newspaper Production IV

LIT-139, Mythology
LIT-140, The Bible as Literature
LIT-143, Introduction to Drama
LIT-144, Introduction to Fiction
LIT-155, Contemporary Literature
LIT-201, Amer Lit Col Days to Civil War
LIT-206, British Lit 1800 to present
LIT-211, Woman's Lit- 1800 to present
LIT-252, Non-Western Lit Since 1800
LIT-260, Contemporary African Lit


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MLA and APA Citation
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