Rockford, Illinois

Sustainable Building Science Degree

Degree conferred: Associate in Applied Science – 65 creditsExplore related certificates
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Program contact: Division of Engineering and Technology, (815) 921-3101

Program overview

Graduates of this program organize, lead, and manage the process related to Building Construction by promoting sound building practices with emphasis on energy conservation, human comfort, and responsible resource management.

Work and employment

Graduates work in such jobs as sustainability coordinator, energy auditor, envelope professional, or resource manager. With additional experience, successful graduates can advance to LEED professional, project engineer, building inspector, construction or maintenance supervisor, or green building contractor.

Transfer Opportunities

Graduates of the program have the option to transfer their degree to various four-year universities to pursue a B.S. in Construction Management or Sustainability. Students should consult with an academic advisor, or the Dean or Academic Chair of the Sustainable Building Science program.


Sustainable Building Science Course Requirements (45 credits)

Number Title Credits
  BCM-100 Introduction to Construction Management (3)
  BCM-104 Construction Blueprint Reading (3)
  BCM-117 Construction Materials & Methods (3)
  BCM-120 Mechanical Systems (3)
  BCM-125 Construction Safety (3)
  BCM-137 Architectural CAD Drafting I (3)
  BCM-219 Statics-Strength Materials Build Constr. (3)
  BCM-239 Wood Frame Structures (3)
  BCM-251 Codes, Contracts, & Specifications (3)
  BCM-260 Construction Estimating (3)
  BCM-268 Home Performance & Energy Audit (3)
  BCM-270 Construction Job Scheduling (3)
  BCM-278 Green Building Fundamentals (3)
  BUS-101 Introduction to Business (3)
  EET-105 Introduction to Sustainable Energy (3)

Also included is one BCM elective (3 credits)

General Education Course Requirements (15 credits)

Requirements (12 credits):

Number Title Credits
  ENG-101 Composition I (3)
  BIO-106 Environmental Science (3)
  BIO-107 Environmental Science Laboratory (1)
  MTH-100 Technical Mathematics, or
  MTH-132 College Algebra & Trigonometry (5)
  ENG-103 Composition II, or
  ENG-110 Introduction to Technical Writing, or
  SPH-131 Fundamentals of Communication (3)


IAI GECC Elective (3 credits)

Select a course from the Liberal Arts and Sciences areas (examples: ART, BIO, ECO, ENG, MTH, SOC, etc.), to fulfill IAI General Education Core Curriculum requirement.

Note: Other General Education courses approved by the BCM Academic Chair may be substituted.


BCM Electives

Number Title Credits
  BCM-168 Construction Internship (1)
  BCM-218 Construction Surveying II (3)
  BCM-258 Case Study in Construction Management (3)
  BCM-268 Home Performance & Energy Audit (3)
  BCM-278 Green Building Fundamentals (3)
  BCM-298 Independent Study (1)


Second Degree Requirements for completion of either the Building Construction Management (BCM) A.A.S. or the Sustainable Building Science (SBS) A.A.S. Programs (15 credits): 

The course requirements for the BCM and SBS degree programs are very similar. Consequently, obtaining a second degree is an attractive option to many graduates. Specifically, a graduate of the BCM program may desire to obtain a second degree in SBS.

Fundamentally, a minimum of 15 additional credits must be taken.

A graduate of the SBS program (7050) who desires to also receive a BCM (7000) degree must take: 

(This means an SBS graduate must take between 15 credits additionally to receive a second degree in BCM.)

Number Title Credits
  BCM-195 Construction Surveying I (3)
  BCM-237 Architectural CAD Drafting II (3)
  ATG-106 Intro to Accounting Debits & Credits (1)
  ATG-107 Intro to Accounting Special Journals (1)
  BCM-298 Independent Study (1)

Also included are two BCM electives (3 credits each)

Students are required to contact the BCM Academic Chair, (815) 921-3101, for more information about obtaining a second degree in this field.