Rockford, Illinois

Nursing (A.A.S. Degree)

Degree conferred: Associate in Applied Science - 70 credits (Limited Transfer & Limited Enrollment)
ADN Program Length: 4 semesters core nursing
Program contact: (815) 921-3261

Program overview

The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program prepares graduates to work as entry-level registered professional nurses in a variety of health care settings, including acute care facilities, long-term care and many specialty related health care facilities. According to the standards of the Illinois Nurse Practice Act, classes, labs and clinical experiences are integrated into the program. Supervision by credentialed nursing faculty allows students to develop and practice safe, competent entry level nursing skills. The professional registered nurse program is highly competitive. It is recommended that as many general education credits as possible are completed before beginning the nursing curriculum. Meeting minimum criteria for admission does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The Nursing Program reserves the right to make final decisions based upon the qualifications of the applicant pool for each admission cycle.


Prospective nursing students are required to attend a Nursing Information Session. Contact the Nursing Program Office for dates and times.


Meet with an academic advisor to develop an academic plan.


  • ADN application accepted January 15th through March 15th (fall admission) and August 1st through October 1st (spring admission).
  • Transfer College applicants should submit all college transcripts at time of RVC enrollment to the RVC Records Office with intent to apply to the Nursing Program.

Pre-Admission Tests

  • TEAS Test: Notification by letter of eligibility to test
  • LPN Step Test

Study resources can be assessed at www.atitesting.com.

Admission criteria (in-district applicants are qualified)

  • B average in biological sciences including BIO 185 or BIO 281/282 and BIO 274, within five years
  • B average in prerequisite GPA and cumulative GPA
  • ADN: Proficient or higher TEAS score


Proficient or higher ATI TEAS score.

Background Check

Current Certified Nursing Assistant/Healthcare Worker Registry with no disqualifying convictions (Illinois Department of Public Health) or current LPN license.

Essential Abilities

RVC Student Nurse Handbook most recent edition. 


Subject to Illinois Nurse Practice Act regarding professional conduct:

  • Program courses completed with a minimum grade of “C” 80% or better
  • Completion of state application
  • Criminal background check subject to Illinois Board of Nursing
  • Eligible to take the NCLEX-RN examination


Physical exam, titers/immunizations, Mantoux test, uniform, licensure application, fingerprint background check and NCLEX-RN subject to change.


Experiences require travel to facilities in the college region.

Program Standards

All nursing courses, require a “C” to pass. Students who do not earn a “C” or better will remediate by course repetition. No more than one NRS course may be repeated.

Transfer Opportunities

Graduates of the Nursing degree have transfer options.  Students are advised to contact the institution to which they plan to transfer to ensure course transfer credit availability.  Students should also consult with an academic advisor, or the Dean or Academic Chair of the Nursing program. 


Associate Degree Nursing Core Courses (46 credits)

General Education Course Requirements (24 credits)

Requirements ADN Program (counted towards degree credit)

Number Title Credits
* BIO-185 Foundations Anatomy & Physiology (5)
* PSY-170 General Psychology (3)
* BIO-274 Microbiology (4)

* indicates the required General Education and/or elective courses

BIO-185 may be replaced by 8 credits of BIO281/282

First Semester Level I

Number Title Credits
  NRS-108 Pathophysiology Altered Hlth. Concepts (3)
  NRS-110 Core Concepts I: Professional Nursing (3)
  NRS-111 Core Concepts II: Professional Nursing (5)
* FWS-237 Nutrition for Optimum Living (3)

* indicates the required General Education and/or elective courses

Second Semester Level II

Number Title Credits
  NRS-207 Pharmacology for Nursing Care (2)
  NRS-221 Psychiatric Nursing (5)
  NRS-223 Adult Health Nursing I (5)

Third Semester Level III

Number Title Credits
  NRS-226 Family & Reproductive Health Nursing (5)
  NRS-228 Child & Family Health Nursing (5)
* ENG-101 Composition I (3)

* indicates the required General Education and/or elective courses

Includes one 3 credit elective.

Fourth Semester Level IV

Number Title Credits
  NRS-231 Adult Health Nursing II (5)
  NRS-233 Adult Health Nursing III (5)
  NRS-225 Professional Nursing Role (2)

Includes one 3 credit elective.

Choose 6 credits from the following:

Number Title Credits
* MTH-220 Elements of Statistics, or
* PSY-270 Life-Span Developmental Psychology (3)
* SOC-190 Introduction to Sociology (3)
  SPH-131 Fundamentals of Communication (3)

* indicates the required General Education and/or elective courses