Manufacturing Engineering Technology Courses

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Number Title Credits
  MET-100 Introductory CAD and Print Reading (3)
  MET-102 Meth of Statistical Process Cntrl (SPC) (3)
  MET-105 Materials and Processes (3)
  MET-106 Metrology (3)
  MET-108 Computer Drafting Using AutoCAD (3)
  MET-110 Manufacturing Processes I (3)
  MET-111 CNC Machine Setup/Operations/Programmin (3)
  MET-118 Intermediate AutoCAD Production Draftin (3)
  MET-133 Graphics/SolidWorks CAD I (3)
  MET-146 Hydraulics, Pneumatics and PLCs (3)
  MET-162 Applied Physics (4)
  MET-217 Statics (3)
  MET-218 Strength of Materials (3)
  MET-220 Mechanisms (3)
  MET-221 Machine Design (3)
  MET-226 CNC/CAM Operations I (3)
  MET-233 Graphics/SolidWorks CAD II (3)
  MET-237 Design of Experiments (4)
  MET-240 CNC/CAM Operations II (3)
  MET-243 Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing (3)
  MET-247 Manufacture Methods, Process Plan & Syst (3)
  MET-249 MET Capstone Project (3)
  MET-250 Special Topics in Manufacturing (1)