Andrea Luckey

"The most unique experiences I had during my time in the program were my practicum experiences. Having that on the job experience helped me decide what I wanted to do for a profession."

Andrea Luckey, Exercise Science degree program

 Kaydee Schaeffer

"Be sure to take advantage of talking to your program supervisor. They really care about what path you want to take and will help you out a lot to achieve your goal."

Kaydee Schaeffer, Exercise Science degree program

Robert Fritsch

"The best thing about the [Personal Training certificate program] is how well prepared and knowledgeable I was at the end of the program to go out into the real world and work. If you are serious about any of the four programs offered, register now because you won't be disappointed and it will change your life!"

Robert Fritsch, Personal Training certificate program

Abbey Sharp

"Each class designed for [the Personal Training certificate program] is hands on, including working out in RVC's own Fitness Lab and completing an internship, which makes this a great opportunity to start getting your name out there to fill the high demand for certified personal trainers."

Abbey Sharp, Personal Training certificate program