Rockford, Illinois

Early Childhood Education Degree

Explore certificates related to this degree...Degree conferred: Associate in Applied Science -65 Credits
Program contact: Early Childhood Education Chair, (815) 921-3378

Program overview

Graduates of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program are well-versed in child development, developmentally appropriate practices, discipline techniques, and other integral facets of early childhood education. Students will be prepared to direct or teach at a day care center or preschool.

Enrollment in courses requires weekly field assignments as well as a complete medical examination, TB skin test, State background checks, and three written references. Students should also consult with an academic advisor, or the Dean or Academic Chair of the Early Childhood Education program.

Work and employment

Opportunities exist in home-based care, day care centers, nursery schools, preschools, private homes, and at before or after-school programs. While the program is not preparation for state certification, courses may transfer to four-year schools, where certification can be earned to teach ages birth through third grade.

Early Childhood Education Course Requirements (41 credits)

Number Title Credits
  ECE-100 The Child Care Worker (3)
  ECE-200 Intro to Early Childhood Education (3)
  ECE-101 The Developing Child (5)
  ECE-103 Nutrition and Health of Young Child (2)
  ECE-104 Large Muscle Development (2)
  ECE-105 Develop Techniques Working Young Child (3)
  ECE-106 Music for the Young Child (3)
  ECE-107 Science for the Young Child (2)
  ECE-108 Art for the Young Child (3)
  ECE-201 Language Development (3)
  ECE-202 Family-Community Relationships & Resourc (3)
  ECE-203 Curriculum Planning for Young Child (3)
  ECE-204 Internship-Child Care (4)
  ECE-205 Organization & Supervise-Early Child Fac (3)
  ECE-206 Mathematics for the Young Child (2)

General Education Course Requirements (24 credits)

Number Title Credits
  ENG-101 Composition I (3)
  PSY-170 General Psychology (3)
  EDU-244 Students With Diabilities in School (3)
  PSY-270 Life-Span Developmental Psychology, or
  SOC-190 Introduction to Sociology (3)
  SOC-299 Marriage and Family, or
  EDU-202 Children's Literature (3)
  SPH-131 Fundamentals of Communication (3)
Elective: Select 3 credits from the following course prefixes/Divisions: CIS, HUM, Social Science, Mathematics, or Science electives.

BIO elective: Select one 3-credit elective from prefix BIO.