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Math Fact Improvement
(Ages 6-11) Help your child succeed in school with a review of old math facts, or an introduction to new ones! Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or a combination of facts based on individual needs and abilities. Give your child the skill to excel while having fun!
WIZ 807 BLL      Austin Busker                     $75
9/14-12/7          Sa 9:00-10:20 am  12 Sessions 
RVC Woodward Technology Ctr          Room 121
NO CLASS 11/30

Time & Money
(Ages 6-11) Spend some time honing your math skills with time and money. Learn to tell time with both digital and analog clocks to the minute. Practice counting, spending, and doing word problems with money. Discover how to balance a checking account, write checks, and manage money wisely with a budget. With fun games and educational activities, make your time count with this math class. 
WIZ 807 BLL4    Austin Busker                    $51
9/14-12/7          Sa 10:30 am-Noon  4 Sessions 
RVC Woodward Technology Ctr          Room 121

(Ages 6-11) Get the right angle on learning with this math class! Review shapes and learn their properties. Discuss volume and area, and apply formulas to geometry problems. All activities are developmentally appropriate for your child’s individual needs, and are presented through educational games and activities.
WIZ 807 BLL3    Austin Busker                    $51
10/12-11/2         Sa 10:30 am-Noon  4 Sessions 
RVC Woodward Technology Ctr          Room 121

Decimals, Fractions & Percentages
Butterfly explore
(Ages 6-11) Get an introduction to these important math skills, or build on existing knowledge. This course will feature different levels of work for your child’s individual needs. Place value will be reviewed to build on working with decimals. Perform different math operations with fractions, and learn what percentages are all about. With fun learning activities, hone your math skills.
WIZ 807 BLL2    Austin Busker                    $51
11/9*12/7          Sa 0:30 am-Noon    4 Sessions 
RVC Woodward Technology Ctr          Room 121