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For Educators and Parents!
Enhance your professional or personal development that directly affects teaching and learning. Take your knowledge back to the classroom and home. Educators look for the APPLE and earn CPDUs approved by the Illinois State Board of Education. Please let the instructor know when taking a class for CPDUs. NOTE: Must attend all sessions to earn CPDUs. 

HOLLY LAZZERINI-MATHUR has 20+ years of experience in the field of special education and has been teaching in this field for several years. She has a Master's degree in regular and special education administration specializing in various areas of impairments.

Bipolar Behavior Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities
We will focus on ways to better identify, characterize and adapt the classroom, home & school environment, and curriculum to enhance and accelerate learning. 4 CPDU's and 4 CEU's for Social Workers and Licensed Practical Counselors.
SOC 010 RV1         Holly Lazzerini-Mathur          $55
2/4-2/25              T 10:30 am-Noon        4 Sessions
RVC Woodward Technology Ctr                Room 141

Learning Disabilities (LD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Visually Impaired (VI), & Hearing Impaired (HI)

The focus of this course will be on understanding the causes, identifying the characteristic of the disability. For example, to identify if someone has a visual impairment and how to adapt and accommodate to better enhance and accelerate their learning.
SOC 010 RV2         Holly Lazzerini-Mathur           
T 10:30 am-Noon         4 Sessions
RVC Woodward Technology Ctr                  Room 141

Medical & Community Interpreter Training-Information Session
So you want to be a Medical/Community Interpreter? This free information session will be invaluable to answer all of your questions before registering for the Fall semester training . Saul Arteaga, the developer and trainer for “Equal Footing”, will discuss: What is “Equal Footing” training?; Who should attend? What are the requirements or pre-requisites? What topics are included in the training? What materials are needed? NOTE: Medical & Community Interpreter Training class will be held February 17 through May 12, Mondays from 5-8 pm, Cost $350 . (COM 040 RV)
OSB 002 RV             Saul Arteaga                         FREE
1/27                     M 6:00-7:00 pm          1 Session
RVC Student Center                              Room 1222

Medical & Community Interpreter Training
(2.5 Credits) The “Equal Footing” training prepares individuals to work as community and medical interpreters. The instructor, Saul Arteaga, is a certified legal and medical interpreter. This seminar focuses on critical concepts for interpreting in the medical and community settings, providing participants with a guide to identifying the setting at hand and empowering them to approach each communicative event professionally by observing established strategies and codes of conduct in the field. Specific topics addressed will include the fundamentals of professional interpreting, the role of the interpreter in medical and community settings, the Codes of Ethics proposed by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) and by the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) as well as ethical dilemmas based on these Codes of Ethics. Participants will have opportunity to practice and implement interpreting techniques in small groups, to listen to and critique recordings of interpreting scripts, and to record and critique their own renditions.

Prospective participants for this training are those interested in entering the field as professional interpreters and all interpreters seeking to refresh and enhance their skills. Participants must be proficient in English and at least one other language and be familiar with basic medical and social services terminology. NOTE: (Students will need to purchase textbook, digital voice recording device and recording of interpreting scripts-approximate cost is $100.) The training includes a four-hour practicum that will provide participants with hands-on experience in the field. 40 CEU’s for Social Workers.
COM 040 RV            Saul Arteaga                      $350
2/17-5/12              M 5:00-8:00pm       12 Sessions
RVC Student Center                             Room 1224

ACT Test Preparation Workshops
The ACT is the college admissions exam that is given four times a year. Every high school student takes the ACT in April of their junior year. Students who take the ACT “cold” are at a disadvantage in competing for college/university admission and scholarships. The next ACT exam will be given on October 26. These workshops will help prepare you to become familiar with the test and question style and learn strategies and techniques in each of the four subject areas. Reduce test anxiety, develop strategies for getting your best score and become more familiar with the test format. The class includes 6 hours of math, 3 hours of science and 3 hours of English\reading. Bring a calculator.
SPC 019 RV         Mark Anderson                      $110
10/8-10/24         TTh  5:00-7:00pm        6 Sessions
RVC Woodward Technology Ctr                Room 142

Math Refresher
(1 Credit) This class is designed to develop competency in basic mathematical skills required in business. Students will learn and understand the importance of a working knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percents used in a business career. Review and improve your math skills while building a solid foundation for achieving success in further math courses. Purchase text book at RVC Bookstore.
MTH 010 RV         Dwayne Collins                     $95
2/18-3/20           TTh 6:00-8:00pm       8 Sessions
RVC Jacob Ctr for Science & Math         Room 1104

Math Refresher II – Intro to Algebra
(1 Credit) If you need a jump start into college algebra, or just want to improve your math scores on college entrance exams or a pre-employment test, this class is for you! This class is a continuation of Math Refresher I and utilizes the same text book. It is designed to further develop basic mathematical skills while laying the foundation for Algebra. Students will be introduced to algebraic equations and develop the skills necessary to solve such equations as they relate to everyday business solutions. Purchase text at RVC Bookstore (same text as Math Refresher.)
MTH 010 RV2         Dwayne Collins                   $95
3/25-4/16             TTh 6:00-8:00pm     8 Sessions
RVC Jacob Ctr for Science & Math        Room 1104

Algebra Basics
(1 Credit) Solidify your understanding of the basic concepts of algebra to equip yourself with the skills necessary to score at higher levels for employment tests or entrance exams. You can even use this course to build a foundation for taking on more challenging Math courses. Purchase text at RVC Bookstore (same text at Math Refresher.)
MTH 011 RV           Dwayne Collins                  
4/22-5/15             TTh 6:00-8:00pm     
8 Sessions
RVC Jacob Ctr for Science & Math        Room 1104

CONNIE MESSINA, M.S. is an educator with over 30 years experience teaching and counseling children of diverse backgrounds in the K-12 school system. She has also taught graduate students at San Diego State University, The University of San Diego, and the University of North Dakota. Connie is a former “Counselor of the Year” for San Diego County, past president of the California School Counselor’s Association and past president of the California Counseling Association. She is the author of Brain-friendly Guidance Activities to Build Emotional Intelligence, and is the producer/director of the documentary film: From the Outside Looking in; the Crisis of Illiteracy in America.

Learning How to Learn
(1 Credit) “Humans are biologically designed to survive, and the single greatest competitive advantage is the ability to learn.” Eric Jensen Connie Messina utilizes her successful experience as a K-12 teacher, school counselor, and counselor educator to share her favorite strategies for becoming an excellent learner and an excellent teacher. In her travels to Australia, New Zealand, and Mondragon Spain, Connie found that indigenous people were rejecting the formal, rigid style of learning for a more nurturing and “brain-friendly” approach. Neuroscientists say that it is the way the brain learns best. Teachers who want higher student test scores and well- behaved students, and parents who want their children to be more successful will benefit from learning these “Brain-friendly” skills. Everyone can learn to present material in a way that is enjoyable and memorable. 15 CPDU’s
EDU 034 RV           Connie Messina                  $95
3/18-4/22             T 6:00-8:30pm        6 Sessions 
RVC Educational Resource Center        Room 2416

The Crisis of Illiteracy in America
(.5 Credit) “Adult illiteracy carries an estimated price tag of seventeen billion dollars annually.” (National Institute for Literacy) Experts agree that education must improve; however, few can articulate new ideas or strategies. This course explores the growing problem of illiteracy which contributes to our social ills and threatens the very strength of our nation. Connie Messina presents a documentary film of her experience as a literacy advocate for an adult friend. She documents an eight- year struggle to find the causes of and successful solutions for this hidden crisis in America. 
EDU 030 RV          Connie Messina                 $48
3/20-4/10            Th 6:00-8:00 pm     4 Sessions 
RVC Classroom Bldg II                       Room 222

KETTA MARTELL has been the executive administrator for My First School in Loves Park Il since 2008 when she opened it. She holds an MBA and currently is working towards earning a Ph.D. Ketta has over 16 years of teaching and working with children and conducts research on learning and play for her doctoral program.

Learning Through play
You will learn about the five elements of active learning, its benefits and, positive outcomes. Gain knowledge on what is active learning and how to transform their child care setting and home for active learning.
EDU 011 RV         Ketta Martell                     $39
2/15                  Sa 9:00-11:30am      1 Session 
RVC Classroom Bldg II                      Room 120

A Smoother Day
You will gain knowledge of the importance of developing a daily schedule, scheduling procedures and time organizing methods. You will also learn techniques for developing schedules to match the growing needs of the children in their care. This course will help the participant learn the importance of daily routines and the benefits of a predictable and consistent daily routine.
EDU 011 RV2      Ketta Martell                    $39
2/22                  Sa 9:00-11:30 am   1 Session
RVC Classroom Bldg II                    Room 120

I Know Where It Goes! Organizing Your Play Room
The participant will earn how to label and store materials so children can find and return their play items. Learn strategies for equipping the play space to encourage creativity by using interesting free, found, and recyclable materials. Learn the guidelines for selecting toys and materials and innovative ideas for materials.
SPC 004 RV         Ketta Martell                    $39
3/1                   Sa 9:00-11:30 am    1 Session
RVC Classroom Bldg II                     Room 120

The Gifts of Infancy
You will learn the developmental milestones of the first year and how to reach those milestones from birth to three. Strategies for building trusting relationships with infants will be explored.
EDU 013 RV        Ketta Martell                    $39
3/8                  Sa 9:00-11:30 am   1 Session
RVC Classroom Bldg II                   Room 120

Caregiver Interactions – What You Say is important
You’ll learn techniques to enhance caregiver-child interactions and how to identify tantrums and power struggles and how to turn negative situations to positive. Learn the two types of choices that exist for children and how to help children make choices.
EDU 011 RV3      Ketta Martell                    $39
3/22                  Sa 9:00-11:30 am   1 Session
RVC Classroom Bldg II                    Room 120

Look What I Can Do! Understanding Preschool Development
(? Credit) The participants will gain an understanding of preschool development, facts about brain development in preschool-aged children and how to recognize the individuality of children. Gain strategies to support preschool children’s thinking.
EDU 013 RV2      Ketta Martell                    $39
3/29                  Sa 9:00-11:30am    1 Session 
RVC Classroom Bldg II                    Room 120

Partners with Children - Playing and Learning Together
Participants will learn techniques to enhance caregiver-child interactions as well as how to play and teach through letting children lead and interactive communication and building partnerships. This course will help the participants learn how to engage children to talk and letting the child speak.
SPC 015 RV          Ketta Martell                  $39
4/5                    Sa 9:00-11:30am   1 Session
RVC Classroom Bldg II                    Room 120

Turning Conflicts into Learning I
Learn strategies and methods for conflict situations that will help develop important social skills in children. You will also learn to use natural or logical consequences as alternatives to punishment and strategies for setting limits.
SPC 015 RV2        Ketta Martell                  $39
4/12                   Sa 9:00-11:30am   1 Session
RVC Classroom Bldg II                    Room 120

Turning Conflicts into Learning II
Learn advanced techniques of the conflict-resolution process along with how to recognize a child’s feelings in conflict situations. The participant will also learn an important six-step process to help children resolve conflicts on their own.
SPC 015 RV3        Ketta Martell                  $39
4/26                   Sa 9:00-11:30am   1 Session 
RVC Classroom Bldg II                    Room 120

Working with Families-Building Strong Relationships
Participants will learn positive open communication strategies for building relationships with families. You will also learn methods of coordinating activities in their childcare setting to increase parental involvement and how to resolve concerns and issues about working with families through professional peer-to peer discussions. This course will help you learn how to involve the family.
SPC 015 RV4        Ketta Martell                  $39
5/3                    Sa 9:00-11:30am   1 Session
RVC Classroom Bldg II                    Room 120


Test Prep Courses – Online ACT Test Prep 
Cambridge Educational Services, the largest provider of Test Prep curriculum to colleges, universities, and high schools in the U.S., has partnered with Continuing Education to bring you the latest advancement in test preparation. The course covers all areas of the exam and the price includes a Computer Adaptive CD-ROM and Official Retired Test(s). The Cambridge Six-Step Approach includes: Diagnostic testing and assessment service; Basic skills review; Problem-solving concepts and strategies; Practice test reinforcement; final exam, assessment report and review; and Personal study plan. Official pre- and post-tests document score improvements. Students will receive a password within 24 hours after registering and can complete the web course program at any time-day or night. All materials included. 2- Month Access - $225 4- Month Access - $250 

Earn CPDU Credits Online!  
$99 for a 6-week session. We offer a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet. All of our courses include expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. Our online courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you. Most courses are $99 for a 6-week session. Upon successful completion of each course, you will be awarded 24 CPDU's. For complete instructions for CPDU's and a complete listing of courses/descriptions--go to
student to teacher

Earn Graduate Credit Online!
Ed2Go announces its partnership with two well-respected schools, Ashland University and Madonna University, to offer graduate credit to teaching professionals. Licensed educational professionals working under a current educational baccalaureate or advanced degree may be eligible to participate. Teaching professionals simply enroll in an online course with Rock Valley College, and upon successful completion of the course and a satisfactory grade on a final assignment, they will be awarded graduate credit. There is an additional cost to enroll in the graduate credit program; prices are dependent on whether students enroll through Madonna University or Ashland University. These non-degree credits are designed to satisfy the requirements of certificate renewal and salary increase. To learn more about graduate credit opportunities with Ashland University or Madonna University, visit or if you have questions- Email



  • FIRST: Fill out the registration form include e-mail and mail to us, refer to Course # On-Line CCE. 
  • SECOND: Register and pay on-line at partner site (except Cambridge-pay RVC-CCE)
  • THIRD: Follow instructions at the partner website. Call our office for help (815) 921-3900.