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Get caught up on the latest news from the Center for Learning in Retirement!

New Display!

Check out the display cases at the Bell Building.CLR members, Lois Bertolasi and Donna Haskell, have volunteered for "display case duty".Check out their first effort, an amazing display about immigration and genealogy. The display provides lots of great information and promotes the upcoming free "Diversity Awareness: The Immigrant Experience" class and our Genealogy Special Interest Group.


What's on TV?

There will be something new this semester on those TV monitors in the hallway at the Bell Building. In addition to the material about goings-on at the main RVC campus, we'll be adding photos and information about CLR classes, events, and trips. In February, watch for historic photos from the past 20 years in celebration of CLR's 20thanniversary. Be sure to take a look next time you're in the building!


Spring classes filling up

Spring classes begin at CLR on Tuesday, Feb. 4, and at least 35 of them are already "sold out" and have waiting lists. Check out the "Filled Classes" page for an updated list. If there are still openings in classes you're interested in, there's no time like the present to sign up.


What's the Word?


This word has been in my thoughts quite a bit lately, as have a variety of colorful -- and unprintable -- adjectives to go with it. "Winter" is an Old English word akin to the Old Norse "vetr" and the Gothic "wintrus." Its probable Indo-European base is a word meaning "to make wet," which must have originated in an overall warmer region than Europe. "Winter" can be used in a general sense to refer to "any period of decline, dreariness, adversity, etc." This year, it is living up to its reputation.

What's the Word is written by Barry Wood, former Rockford Register Star columnist and CLR Publicity/Media Committee Chairperson.