Filled Classes

Check back here regularly for a list of filled classes for Spring 2017!

ART 701 CLR1     Your Art Journey
ART 701 CLR2     Pastel Painting
ART 701 CLR3     Watercolor for Beginners
ART 701 CLR4     Incredible World of Abstract
COM 709 CLR4   Wonderful World of Words
HLT 705 CLR1      Matter of Balance
HLT 705 CLR3      Fitness for Your Ears
HLT 705 CLR4      The Healthy Pelvic Floor
HST 712 CLR2      The Civil War:  Women
HST 712 CLR4      History Survey:  WW I
REL 704 CLR1      New Testament Epistles
SOC  763 CLR1    How to Think Like a Genius
SOC 730 CLR3     Public Safety Collaboration
SPC 701 CLR6      Cardmaking: Tips and Techniques
SPC 770 CLR1      Walking Tour of Knightsville
SPC 770 CLR2     Edgewater Neighborhood Tour
SPC 791 CLR2     RVC Aviation Center Tour