Filled Classes

ART 701 CLR7        Your Art Journey
ART 701 CLR6        Chinese Brush Painting II
ART 701 CLR8        Oil Painting
BIO 765 CLR2         Birdwatching
COM 709 CLR2      Wonderful World of Words
COM 709 CLR2      World of Words
DPR 702 CLR2       Where’s My Stuff?  Windows 7, 8.1 & 10
DPR 703 CLR5       Learning Family Search
HLT 725 CLR5        Why is Posture Important?
HLT 725 CLR6        Yoga for Your Face
HST 701 CLR3        Edgewater Neighborhood Tour
HST 701 CLR4        Belvidere Cemetery Tour
HST 726 CLR1        My Parents’ Stories
HST 701 CLR2        Walking Tour of Knightsville
HST 725 CLR4        WWII Nazis & the Occult
HST 701 CLR5        Burpee Museum
HST 726 CLR1        My Parents’ Stories
HUM 705 CLR1      Emily’s Story:  The Brave Journey
HUM 706 CLR2      Book Discussion:  “Waking Up White”
HUM 712 CLR1      Rockford’s Immigrant Experience
SOC 703 CLR10     Israel:  People & Culture
SOC 717 CLR2        Presidential Election 2016
SOC 706 CLR1        What in the World is Going on?
SOC 742 CLR2        Population Ecology
SOC 760 CLR4        Modern Turkish Society
SPC 701 CLR4         Cardmaking
SPC 701 CLR2         Cardmaking – Tips and Techniques
SPC 750 CLR3         Create a Welcoming Wreath
SPC 770 CLR4         Intro to Broadcast Meteorology
SPC 770 CLR5         “Lunch Around”:  Lucerne’s
SPC 792 CLR1         Selling on Ebay Basics
REL 704 CLR4         Taking Sides:…Christendom
REL 704 CLR2         Old Testament’s Top 40