Filled Classes

Check back here regularly for a list of filled classes for Fall 2016!

ART 701 CLR1     Your Art Journey
ART 701 CLR2     Drawing
ART 701 CLR6     Watercolor for Beginners
DPR 702 CLR1     Windows 10 Basics
HST 712  CLR4     Rockford’s History:  Dark Deeds
HST 712 CLR5      U.S. History Survey:  Progressive Era
REL 704 CLR7      The Parables of Jesus
SOC 706 CLR3     What in the World is Going On? (Tues)
SPC 701 CLR3      Woodward Rock Cut Campus Tour
SPC 701 CLR6      Cardmaking:  Tips & Techniques
SPC 701 CLR7      Cardmaking:  Fun Folds
SPC 749 CLR1      Holiday Tea
SPC 790 CLR1      Android Workshop