Filled Classes

Check back here regularly for a list of filled classes for Spring 2017!

ART-701 CLR1      Your Art Journey
ART-701 CLR2      Pastel Painting
ART-701 CLR3      Watercolor for Beginners
ART-701 CLR4       Incredible World of Abstract
ART-701-CLR5      Acrylic Painting Basics
BIO-725 CLR3       Watch Your Flower Garden Grow
DPR-703-CLR1     Getting the Most from YouTube
DPR 701 CLR3     Making Photo Slide Shows
HLT-705 CLR1       Matter of Balance
HLT-705 CLR3       Fitness for Your Ears
HLT-705 CLR4       The Healthy Pelvic Floor
HLT 715 CLR2        Eating to Enjoy Retirement
HST-712 CLR2       The Civil War:  Women
HST-712 CLR4       History Survey:  WW I
HST-712-CLR8      The great Train Chase
HST-725-CLR1      Battle of the Bulge
REL-704 CLR1       New Testament Epistles
SCI 700 CLR1       DNA Fingerprinting
SOC 706 CLR4     Logan Museum Tour
SOC-763 CLR1     How to Think Like a Genius
SOC-730 CLR3     Public Safety Collaboration
SPC-701 CLR6      Cardmaking: Tips and Techniques
SPC 720 CLR1      Carving Candle Holder
SPC-750 CLR1      Basket Weaving
SPC-770 CLR1      Walking Tour of Knightsville
SPC-770 CLR2      Edgewater Neighborhood Tour