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 Health & Nutrition

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CONNECTIONS THERAPY CENTER is made of an entire team committed to meeting your needs using a mind-body-spirit approach. Dr. CINDY STEAR has extensive, specialized training in treatment of abuse, pediatric issues, and health psychology for a range of medical issues including chronic pain, wellness psychology for freedom from smoking, weight loss/maintenance and sports performance.

Think Yourself Thin
(Adult) Change your thought processes about food choices and overeating to be more successful. Tools to enjoy lasting weight loss – freeing yourself of the yo-yo effect of losing
weight only to gain it all back. Think in a more positive manner to challenge sabotaging thoughts and reform behaviors that contribute to overeating and weight management issues. PURCHASE workbook from instructor at first class ($20).
PSY 800 CTC             Connections Staff                         $30
2/18                      T 6:30-8:00pm                  1 Session
Connections Therapy Center      5334 Williams Dr., Roscoe

Hypnosis for Lasting Weight Loss
Adult) Lean to harness the power of your unconscious mind for permanent weight loss. Decrease cravings for fattening foods, late night eating, over eating, and emotional eating. Increase positive food choices and healthy exercise. Includes free CD.
PSY 800 CTC3           Dr. Cindy Stear                             $30
2/11                       T 6:30-8:00 pm                1 Session 
Connections Therapy Center      5334 Williams Dr., Roscoe

RICHARD GUBBE, Reiki Master, has been teaching the Usui System of Reiki Healing for the past 25 years and has instructed more than 2,600 students and 400 Reiki Master Teachers nation.

Preventative Health, Organic Living Seminar
(Adult) Prevent Cancer and the re-occurrence of cancer. Prevent the intake of toxins and pollutants in your body. Help eliminate obesity and learn more effective methods to lose weight. Learn to eat better food. Learn how to live, breathe and cook in a safe and healthy environment. Learn more effective exercises. Learn about the energy within you and around you. Learn how to use herbs and complementary medicine to maintain proper health.

Preventative Health & Living will provide insight into maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. The world is changing and so are we. The key to good health in this decade is to focus on more modern and advanced prevention techniques as well as learning tried-and-true methods of the past. Primary prevention helps avoid the development of a disease. Using proper health techniques as primary preventive measures can lead to a disease-free existence and a balanced life. Get ahead and stay ahead with knowledge you can use. Topics for this one-day seminar include:
• Today’s nutrition tips
• Organic farming
• Effects of supplements and herbal remedies
• Holistic therapies in a clinical setting
• Meditation and visualization
• The best ways to stay physically active and stay alive
• Manuals provided.
HLT 815 BLL                       Richard Gubbe                             $32
5/3                                T 1:00-4:30 pm               1 Session
BELL SCHOOL ROAD CTR   3350 N. Bell School Rd.     Room 001

SARENE ALSHARIF holds a Masters of Public Health, and BS Nutritional Sciences. Throughout her career, she has led numerous workshops on nutrition, including Get the Skinny on Kids Nutrition and Mint Condition, as well as conducting presentations on preventative nutrition topics.

Become a Healthier You
(HS-Adult) This general nutrition class will teach you the importance of eating healthy and give you tools to implement what you learn.  Nutrition can be part of your everyday life! You’ll also get recipes and tips for healthy cooking. Topics include My Plate, Fats, Simple Salads, Grains and fiber, Proteins and Meat, Calcium and Iron, and Gluten Free diets.
HLT 802 RV           Sarene Alsharif                 $42 
2/17-4/14            M 5:30-6:30 pm     8 Sessions
RVC Woodward Technology Ctr           Room 117

SHIRLEY J. POOLE,is a Clinical Dietitian at Swedish American Hospital. She is board Certified in Pediatric Nutrition and specializes in Eating Disorders. She provides nutritional consultation to a wide variety of organizations and is a contributing author.


AMELIA KLEMP, is a Speech Language Pathologist at Swedish- American Hospital. She specializes in feeding and swallowing disorders in infants and children, providing direct treatment to children and training to families. She has also lectured on the topic for other healthcare professions.

This overview presentation is designed to raise awareness of common feeding and nutrition disorders to promote family health and ultimately decrease the rise of childhood obesity and other eating disorders later in life.

My Child Won’t Eat – Picky or Problem?
(Adult) Children can be challenging when it comes to mealtimes and eating, but when do those challenging behaviors cross the line from picky eating to a bigger problem? If you have struggles getting your child to eat what you want them to eat, or just getting them to eat at all, this course is for you. Topics: normal child feeding and nutrition, atypical child feeding and nutrition, when and where to get help if a problem is identified and some practical “take-home” ideas to make mealtimes easier now.
HlT 803 RV    Amelia Klemp & Shirley Poole           $32
2/26             W 6:00-8:00 pm                      1 Session 
RVC Educational Resource Ctr                     Room 2416

DR. MIAN-YIN WANG, MD, MS and Clinical Researcher at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Rockford, IL, provides science-based, effective research for health alternatives for longevity and well-being. Her significant contributions to science and disease prevention include her life-long professional medical experience as an internal medicine practitioner and general surgeon in China, researcher at Univ. of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Univ. of IL, College of Medicine for many years. After her findings in scientific research and her personal experience, Dr. Wang has changed her life focus from research to prevention to improve community health.

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine
(Adult) Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a broad range of medicine practices which have been developed in China and are based on a tradition of more than 3,000 years. This includes various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tuina), qigong (exercise), and dietary therapy. TCM treats human body as whole and focuses on the identification of functional entities including good digestion, breathing, sleeping, younger living etc. through the regulation of yin/yang balance to reach the ultimate harmony.
HLT 806 RV                      Dr. Mian-Ying Wang                 $69
2/20-3/6                      Th 1:30-4:30pm            3 Sessions
RVC Woodward Technology Ctr                          Room G10

CINDY STONE, MA, is a holistic nutritionist who has found the art of living harmoniously for 20 years without medications and surgeries. She has had S.A.D., endometriosis, hormonal imbalances and bipolar II diagnosis. Her mission is to support individuals in reclaiming their emotional and physical health. Cindy is not a medical doctor.

Unveiling the Masks of S.A.D., PMS, Menopause & Bipolar Diagnosis 
(Adult) Are you one of the 6 million people in the U.S. (including famous stage and screen stars, artists, authors and musicians) who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder? Do you have the symptoms of S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) and want to hibernate during the midwestern winter months? Are you suffering from mood swings, insomnia and food cravings of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) or menopause? Learn some ancient and cutting edge techniques and self-taught therapies that may provide insight into these often misdiagnosed illnesses/conditions that may be affecting the quality of being fully present in your life. Class includes self-assessment quiz, powerful communication and listening techniques, extraordinary acupressure and reflexology, sound and brain wave therapy, alkaline/acid ph balance in your diet, medicinal teas, environmental remedies, and other advanced therapies. NOTE: This class is not a recommendation to discontinue medications but to learn ways to naturally reduce anxiety, agitation, depression, mood swings, irritability, restlessness and insomnia.
SPC 809 RV                        Cindy Stone                            $41
2/15-3/8                        Sa 9:30 am-Noon       4 Sessions 
RVC Woodward Technology                              Room 210