Rockford, Illinois

Training Workshops

IDOT Workshops

The Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center at Rock Valley College is hosting workshops for local businesses to learn how to become a vendor for the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Some of the workshops cover topics like how to get bid documents and bid reports, how to understand plans, how Prime contractors choose subcontractors, and subcontractor bonding/insurance requirements.

The workshops are free, but registration is recommended. You can register by clicking here.


PTAC Training Opportunities

RVC's PTAC offers area businesses access to a variety of training workshops throughout the year.


Here are some of the topics available to assist you in your contracting efforts:

  • Capabilities Statement & Marketing
  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Selling to the State of Illinois
  • Selling to Local Municipalities & Organizations
  • Contracting for the Machining Industry
  • IDOT
  • How to do Business with IDOT
  • IDOT Plan Review & Specification
  • IDOT Certification/Prequalification
  • IDOT Prime Contractors/Subcontractors Networking Workshop
  • IDOT Trucking Workshop
  • IDOT Documentation and Survey Techniques for Contractors
  • IDOT Estimating and Bidding Workshop
  • IDOT Plan & Specifications Review  
  • IDOT Erosion Control for Contractors 
  • IDOT Bonding and Financing  Training
  • IDOT Certified Payroll and Force Account
  • IDOT Preparing for a Letting
  • IDOT Documentation & Survey Techniques Training
  • IDOT Electronic Bidding Information
  • IDOT Finance and Bonding

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Please feel free to contact us and suggest additional training topics you would like to see offered.  We can create a customized training option for you! E-mail us at ptac@rockvalleycollege.edu.