Rockford, Illinois

Selling to the State of Illinois


The State of Illinois purchases more than $10 billion worth of products and services each year to run social service facilities, office buildings, garages, state parks and more.

Doing business with Illinois is now easier than ever!  Sell to Illinois is the streamlined procurement process.

Step 1: Registration!Registering as a vendor with the State of Illinois is easy!

Register on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin (IPB) to receive bid notices by e-mail and download documents.

Step 2: Completion of the Small & Diverse Business Application Form is only required if your business is eligible for the Small Business Set-Aside (SBSP) and/or the Business Enterprise Program (BEP).

Step 3: Complete additional forms and provide required documentation to be certified in the Business Enterprise Program.

Step 4: Locate contracting opportunities

Download a copy of Illinois commodity classification and service codes to determine your company's codes by service or product number.


Doing Business with IDOT
An extensive list of resources regarding selling to IDOT can be located on the Illinois Department of Transportation website.

Access current IDOT project information.

IDOT's"how to" procedures and letting/bidding schedules can answer frequent questions.