Rockford, Illinois

Selling to Local Agencies

Doing Business in Stephenson County
As a whole, Stephenson County does not have a procurement policy. If you are interested in selling to a department, please contact each of the individual County departments directly.

Doing Business in Winnebago County
The Purchasing and Risk Management Department handles all loss prevention, insurance, safety programs and purchasing for the County.  Any company interested in doing business with the County can contact this office directly. Phone: (815) 319-4380 or e-mail at purchasing@co.winnebago.il.us

Doing Business in Boone County
County Administration offices handle purchasing including bid preparation and administration. Phone (815) 547-4770 Posted bids and RFP's are published online.

Doing Business in Ogle County
To date, information for doing business with Ogle County has not been published.

Doing Business in Lake County
Lake County invests over $180 million annually on various goods and services.The online bid portal is available for interested vendors to receive email notifications about procurement opportunities and provides access to downloadable bid packages.Registration for this service is free.There are several expansion projects and construction programs available in Lake County.Visit their site to view current opportunities.

Doing Business with Rock Valley College
Rock Valley College is committed to giving all vendors a fair opportunity to bid on products and services as required by College policies. Learn how to be placed on the
permanent bid list.

Doing Business with Rockford Public Schools
The Rockford Public School District procures a wide variety of supplies and services to meet the needs of its schools and various departments. The Purchasing Department provides a centralized system for the acquisition of goods, services and construction for Rockford Public Schools. The level of competition required is determined based on the value of the contract, as follows:     

  • Over $25,000 – Illinois School Code and Board of Education Policy – Formal competition through the use of sealed bids and proposals, with exceptions as listed in the Illinois School Code. Contracts are awarded by the Board of Education at an official meeting.
  • Under $25,000 – Small purchase procedures followed; solicitation of verbal or written quotations.

If your firm is interested in becoming a District vendor, please visit RPS website for Bid and RFP packages and additional purchasing information. You will also need to register on Demandstar.


Doing Business in the City of Rockford
The Purchasing section is responsible for acquiring goods and services for the City.  Purchasing handles approximately 12,000 purchase orders and 200 bids in a typical year. The Purchasing section maintains an online database of information available to those who would like to do business with the City of Rockford


Doing Business in the City of Freeport
A highly diverse collection of business and industry is well established in Freeport and Stephenson County. From insurance to manufacturing to health care, Freeport is a center for a variety of quality establishments. The Finance Department of the City of Freeport handles the purchasing activity for the City. The City of Freeport Purchasing Policy is published at the link above.

Northwest Illinois Development Alliance
The Northwest Illinois Development Alliance (NIDA) is a not-for-profit corporation, creating a public/private partnership to retain, expand and diversify the economic base of the Freeport/Stephenson County and northwest Illinois area. They work collaboratively with the Chambers of Commerce, the City of Freeport, Stephenson County and other local and area governmental units and other groups to improve business expansion and the well-being of the community.