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PTAC Bid Match Service

What can Bid Match do for you?
Bring relevant bid opportunities right to your desktop! 


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The PTAC Bid Match program monitors a wide variety of government bid opportunities, from hundreds of different sources.  The PTAC Bid Match search profiles take advantage of full Boolean logic, wildcards, and proximity statements, to pinpoint government bid opportunities that are relevant to your business while eliminating those that aren't.

Bid Match with PTAC

Provide the PTAC staff with the keywords that describe your product/service.The question for you to answer: "If a government agency is describing your product/service what words would they use?"There is no limitation on the number of words or usage of multiple terminologies.The system will identify opportunities based on the keyword search and ideally you will receive one e-mail every day notifying you of potential bid opportunities.

Once we've setup your Bid Match, you'll receive notification e-mails, at approximately the same time each day, a link identified as 'mybidmatch' whenever new bid matches are available. These e-mails link you to your own personal page on OutreachSystems' proprietary mybidmatch.com web site, where you can view the newly posted bid matches as well as all bid matches posted in the last 30 days.

Additionally, you will have unlimited FREE access to iSearch, an online version of OutreachSystems' bid opportunity database. From this web utility, you can perform real-time searches across our various government bid sources.Give it a try and see opportunities might be out there for your product or service line(s).The best part is that there is never a charge for Bid Match!