Nursing Assistant (NAD 101) Pre-Admission Testing

Students who wish to enroll in NAD 101, Nursing Assistant, may contact the Nursing Division at 815/921-3264 to obtain general information about the Nursing Program at Rock Valley College. Students should submit a completed Enrollment Information Form for Rock Valley College as soon as possible. Completed applications can be mailed, faxed, or brought to the Info Center located on the main floor of the Student Center on the main RVC campus.

Testing Procedures

Prior to registering for NAD 101, the Nursing Assistant course at Rock Valley College, students must meet test score requirements to become eligible to register for NAD 101.

Students have two options to meet the testing requirement:

Option 1
Complete the ACCUPLACER Placement Test. Students will be tested in both reading and arithmetic. A minimum score of 56 is required in reading and a minimum score of 27 is required for arithmetic. Additionally, a minimum elementary algebra score of 33 will qualify a student for NAD 101. Information about available test times, test content, sample test questions, and links to test preparation websites can be accessed through the RVC Placement Test Home Page. If you have taken the Placement Test in the past, please contact the Testing Center at 815/921-2380 to verify your placement. 

NOTE: Students who plan to enroll in the R.N. program at Rock Valley College are encouraged to complete the elementary algebra portion of the placement test as opposed to arithmetic, as higher level math is required for the R.N. program. It is highly recommended that students consult with a counselor about admission requirements for the R.N. program.

Option 2
Submit an ACT exam score report (taken within the last three years) to the Admissions and Records office, Student Center for evaluation. If your ACT Reading Sub-Score is 19 or above AND your ACT Math Sub-Score is 18 or above, you are eligible to register for NAD 101 without any additional testing required

NOTE: When contacting the Testing Center 815/921-2380 to schedule your testing appointment, please indicate your desire to enroll in NAD 101. We can then answer any questions more effectively.  A photo I.D. is required to take any test in the Testing Center.

Registering for NAD 101, Nursing Assistant

After successful completion of the ACCUPLACER placement test at the Testing Center, or upon verification of required ACT exam scores,  students will be eligible to register for NAD 101 either through Online Services or in person at the Admissions and Records Office, Student Center. The Registration Calendar provides information about registration dates and times. Students should review the current Rock Valley College Credit Course Schedule for NAD 101 course times and start dates.

If you have questions regarding educational opportunities and class selection at RVC, students are encouraged to visit the Counseling & Advising Center on the top floor of the Student Center. Call the Counseling & Advising Center at 815/921-4100 to make an appointment or the Open Advising Lab is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am to 5pm and Tuesday from 9am to 3pm.