Rockford, Illinois

A+dvancer Online Courseware

A+dvancer (or Advancer) Online Courseware is an online course available to incoming students desiring to develop their skills in Reading, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic, or Elementary Algebra to improve their Rock Valley College placement. When faced with the task of studying for a placement exam, many students end up studying and reviewing material they already know. One of the great advantages of A+dvancer is that the program begins with an assessment and then creates an individualized plan to target the exact material students do not know.

At this time, A+dvancer is available at no cost to students who have taken the ACCUPLACER Placement Test once and who plan to re-test.

Students eligible to utilize the A+dvancer online program are those who:

  • are willing to invest time and effort into studying online AND
  • received a score of 51 or above in Reading Comprehension on ACCUPLACER the first time AND
  • placed into a developmental course in Reading, English or Math.

All of the A+dvancer Online Courseware can be done at your convenience from any computer with online access.  To begin, please visit the Rock Valley College Testing Center during office hours or call (815) 921-2385 for an appointment. Once a student is registered for a subject (Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, Sentence Skills, or Reading Comprehension), he/she will take an A+dvancer diagnostic test of 30-35 questions in this subject area. The results of the test identify the student's specific areas of weakness within that subject. The courseware is then individually tailored to provide lessons for the student in his/her identified areas of weakness. Once the student completes a lesson, he/she must pass a practice test and then a mastery test (80%) before moving on to the next lesson in the sequence

Results of Students Using A+dvancer

Subject Area
Average* A+dvancer Test time Average* Instruction (Study) time
Average* Placement Test Gain
Elementary Algebra
32 Minutes 6 Hours
19 Points
Sentence Skills
15 Minutes
2 Hours 24 Minutes
20 Points
Reading Comprehension
21 Minutes
3 Hours
8.6 Points


Getting Started with A+dvancer is Easy

1) Register in person at the Rock Valley College Testing Center in the Student Center, lower level or By Phone at 815-921-2385.

2) Take a brief diagnostic test in the Testing Center (30-35 questions). Based on your results, A+dvancer will prescribe an individualized lesson plan tailored to address your weakness in the subject area.

3) Do the lessons assigned to meet your specific academic needs. Each lesson includes a study guide, practice test, and mastery test. Studies show that students who spend adequate time studying the lessons do better than those who simply practice doing problems.

4) Re-Test the ACCUPLACER Placement Test ($5 re-test fee applies)

For more information and a demonstration of the courseware, please visit www.advancerlearning.com

Funding for this project is provided by the Rock Valley College Foundation.

A+dvancer is a trademark of The American Education Corporation. All Rights Reserved.