When does waitlisting close?

Close dates for waitlisting vary by semester. Please see our important dates for more.

Once the waitlist ends any open seat for a course will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for the remainder of the open registration period. Registration is available via Online Services or as a walk-in at one of RVC's three registration locations during normal business hours:

  • RVC Main Campus – Records and Registration office
  • Samuelson Road Center
  • Learning and Opportunity Center


How to Register for a Waitlisted Course Via Online Services

  1. Log-in to Online Services
  2. Select “Search and Register for Sections”
  3. Enter the term by clicking the down arrow
  4. Search by subject, days, times, location, method or instructor and click submit. You must select two options in order to complete a search of available sections.
  5. Click “Submit”
  6. Select the course you would like to register for
  7. Verify that there is an open seat for the course
  8. Select an “Action” for the course you would like to register. In this case, you would select “Register.”
  9. Click “Submit”
  10. A message will appear in red that states that the course was a waitlisted course. You will still want to select “Register” as the action you would like to take for the course.
  11. Click “Submit”
  12. A screen will appear stating that your request has been processed. You will also receive an email to your RVCMail account confirming.
  13. Click “OK” to complete the process

Important notes about the Waitlist

Almost all general education/transfer courses at RVC have the option to waitlist. If you attempt to sign up for a class through Online Services and find that the section is full, you may be given an option to join the waitlist for that course.

  • You may not add yourself to the waitlist for multiple sections of a specific course.
  • The course always appears full in Online Services even if there is a seat that has opened up. So do not be concerned if you receive an email telling you a seat is open and it appears full when you go in to register.
  • You can view the number of students on the waitlist by using the search portion of Online Services.
  • The waitlist option is NOT offered through walk-in registration.

Waitlist Process

View a flow chart of the waitlisting process described below

  1. During the normal online services registration process, waitlisting is offered to you when you attempt to register for a class and find that it is full.

    For example:  If the Bio 185 NBD2 is full, an alert will pop up in red that states: “Course Filled - Either add to wait list or look for an available section.”
  2. If you want to be added to the waitlist you will need to use the drop down menu and choose the wait list option for the specific course.
  3. You will then receive an alert that states, “The following REQ (request) has been processed." This is only to inform you that you have been added to the waitlist. It does not yet guarantee you a seat for the class.
  4. When a seat becomes available, if you are next in line on the waitlist (the waitlist rank can be viewed through the "Manage My Waitlist" option in the Online Services menu), you will receive an e-mail via your RVCMail account informing you that a seat is available*. The responsibility then rests with you to register for the class (see below) within the time specified in your email or you will forfeit the opportunity to obtain the seat.

*All holds and pre-reqs will be checked prior to offering an open seat to a student on the waitlist.

Final Steps (Register for the course)

After receiving an e-mail (in your RVCmail account) informing you that a seat is available you have until the time specified in your email in which to register. 

In order to obtain the seat you must:

  • Log-on to Online Services
  • Choose "Manage My Waitlist"
  • Register for the class
  • Make payment arrangements

Once you have registered for the course, an email will be sent to you in your RVCmail account confirming your registration.