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2017 Summer Session II Dates to Know

What to Know Deadline
Summer Early Grad Registration  (for those with 49+ credit hours) March 26-27, 2017                                                                            
Summer Open Registration Begins March 28, 2017 at 9pm
1st Payment Due * May 24, 2017
Last Day to Apply for Summer Graduation June 1, 2017
Final Payment Due * June 7, 2017
Waitlisting Ends June 7, 2017
Registration Ends June 7, 2017
Classes Begin June 12, 2017
Schedule Adjustment Period** June 12-14 until 6pm
Last Day for Tuition Refund June 15, 2017
Last Day to "W" Withdraw from Classes*** July 19, 2017 by 6pm


2017 Fall Semester Dates to Know

What to Know Deadline
Priority Registration April 9-11, 2017  starting at 9pm                                               
Open Registration Begins April 12, 2017 at 9pm
1st Payment Due * July 19, 2017
Waitlisting Ends August 11, 2017
Registration Ends August 17, 2017 at 6pm
Final Payment Due * August 17, 2017
Weekend Classes Begin August 19, 2017
Weekday Classes Begin August 21, 2017
Schedule Adjustment Period ** August 21-28, 2017 until 6pm
Last Day to Drop for Tuition Refund August 29, 2017
Last Day to Apply for Fall Graduation October 1, 2017
Last Day to "W" Withdraw from Class *** November 9, 2017 until 6pm


*Students that have not paid their tuition are dropped from courses.

**Add Slips must be signed by the Instructor in order to process in the Records & Registration Office.

***Withdrawing from class can only be done by the Instructor at mid-term or by the student through the Records & Registration Office,  located on the top floor of the Student Center.