8 Week Courses

Eight week courses begin the week of October 17, 2016 and run for 8 weeks as opposed to the full 16 weeks of the fall semester. Classes will cover the same material for the same number of credits as the 16 week courses. If you are a current RVC student you may click the button below to be directed to Online Services where you may search and register for any of these courses. New to RVC? Find out how to get started.

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Section Name Course Title Day Time Location
MTH-088-D220 Prealgebra Part I TTH 3:00-4:40pm JCSM 0212
MTH-091-D220 Beginning Algebra Part I MTWTH 11:00-11:50am JCSM 0206
MTH-093-D230 Intermediate Algebra Part II MTWTH 2:00-2:50pm JCSM 0216
MTH-093-E210 Intermediate Algebra Part II MW 7:30-9:10pm JCSM 0201
MUS-102-D020 Introduction to Music Literature MW 3:00-5:45pm CLII 229
SOC-190-D140 Introduction to Sociology TTH 3:00-5:45pm CLII 225
SPH-131-H020 Fundamentals of Communication M/Hybrid Class 12:00-2:45pm CLII 129
ENG-101-I030 Composition I Online    
CIS-102-H011 Intro to Computers & Info Systems W/Hybrid Class 6:00-8:45pm WTC 1114
WEB-102-H010 Adv Programming Related to the Internet W/Hybrid Class 6:00-10:05pm WTC 1112

Location Codes: CL II = Classroom Building II (RVC main campus), JCSM = Jacobs Center for Science & Math (RVC main campus), WTC = Woodward Technology Center (RVC main campus)

Important Dates

Open Registration Ends: October 16, 2016
Classes Begin: Week of October 17, 2016
Payment Due Date: Immediately upon registration