Rockford, Illinois

EAGLE - Learning Management System

RVC uses a LMS (Learning Management System) called EAGLE (Electronic Advanced Group Learning Environment) powered by Canvas  It can be used to submit homework, to discuss course topics, to complete practice tests and for course related communication.  Students can use the EAGLE mail interface to request help from their instructors or to discuss topics with other students enrolled in the same course.  All students enrolled in RVC credit classes are given EAGLE accounts. Support documents and help for the new EAGLE Canvas are available directly through the platform inside the intro to EAGLE course as well as links on this Web page.


Click here to go to EAGLE
To Log in you will need:

Username: ID number; example: s0123456

Password: The password you previously setup at your EPS session or by going to http://www.rockvalleycollege.edu/password

Your student ID is located on the following documents:

  • Admission Letters
  • Placement test results
  • RVC bill and schedule
Please Call (815) 921-4250 with questions.

EAGLE Support


Distance Learning at RVC

Rock Valley College has distance learning opportunities for self-directed and self-motivated students.  These courses are designed so you can learn anytime, anyplace as your busy schedule dictates.

However, online learning is not for everyone.  Online learners should have:

  • the necessary access to basic technology
  • fundamental computer skills
  • ability to progress independently

Online courses are as rigorous, if not more, than traditional courses.  Students must have the self-discipline to learn by working almost exclusively on the computer.

Want to know if you have what it takes to be an online learner? Here are some self-assessment tools for you to find out if online learning is for you.

Online Assessment System for Internet Students (OASIS)


Self Evaluation for Potential Online Student from ION (Illinois Online Network)



Online Courses

Online courses are delivered over the Internet.  Credit, content and assignments are the same for these classes as for standard lecture courses.  Students will be expected to do research on the Internet, join in electronic group discussions with other students and/or access their professors via e-mail.  An occasional face-to-face meeting with other students and the professor may be required.

Tips for Online Success from ION (Illinois Online Network)


IMPORTANT: As a distance learning student in either an online or hybrid it is your responsibility to log on to https://rvceagle.instructure.com prior to the start of class for information on Intro to EAGLE course, EAGLE training, or to contact your instructor.  That way you will be assured you have received the necessary information you need to start the class.  ADDITIONAL TECHNOLOGY FEES FOR INTERNET COURSES ARE $50 PER COURSE.