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First Tuesday Lecture Series

Rock Valley College experts lecture on a wide variety of interesting topics. All lectures are open to the public and free of charge. Refreshments are served 30 minutes prior to each lecture start time.

All RVC First Tuesday Lectures are free and open to the general public. For more information call Kathy McCarty at 815-921-4009.


Fall 2014

September 9

Putin’s Russia

Vladimir Putin’s position in Russia continues a legacy of strong-man rule in the country. This lecture will chronicle Putin’s rise to power and the increasing authoritarian nature of his regime, while putting his rule into historical perspective. In particular, we will discuss Russia’s persecution of journalists, its anti-gay laws, and Russia’s expansion into regions of the former Soviet Union.

Presented by Dr. Daniel Blumlo, RVC Professor of History
6:00 pm

Student Center Atrium

October 7

Lend Me Your Ears (And I’ll Tell You About Mine):The Experience of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a disability that affects many people but is often ignored and/or misunderstood. In this presentation, I will talk about the prevalence, causes, misconceptions, and psychology of hearing loss, as well as my own experiences with hearing loss throughout my life.

Presented by Dr. Julie Hernandez, RVC Professor of Psychology
6:00 pm

Student Center Atrium

November 4

Poetry and Prose Reading

Dr. David Pink’s poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, has appeared in publications, among many others, such as Dakota Territory, Green Mountains Review, American Literary Review, Western Humanities Review, California Quarterly, Solo, Salmagundi, Prairie Schooner, the North American Review, Pemmi9can, Aluminum Canoe, Poetry Motel, Art Paper, Minnesota Monthly, The Dictionary of Literary Biography, North Coast Review, and The Nebraska English Journal. He has received grants, awards and prizes from The Loft-McKnight Foundation and The Edelstein-Keller Fund, The Academy of American Poets, The Roerich Museum, The Lake Superior Writers Association, Minnesota Monthly, The Lakes Region Arts Council, and The North Dakota Humanities Council.

Presented by Dr. David Pink, RVC Professor of English
6:00 pm
Student Center Atrium

December 2

Intersection of Organized Christianity and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Identity and the Impact on GLBT-Identified Youth and Adults

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 78.5% of Americans identify as Christian. Even though support for gay marriage (one measure of GLBT acceptance) in 2011 exceed the percentage of Americans that opposed gay marriage, nearly 99% of Christian churches still stand in opposition to homosexuality or at best fail to advocate for GLBT equality within the church. Youth often have little choice over the religious traditions in which they are raised, exposing most GLBT youth to disaffirming and often hurtful messages about their self worth and value within community, church, and family. Many well-meaning Christians and faith-based organizations are unknowingly contributing to religious-abuse resulting in higher rates of depression, suicide, self-hurt, and other forms of psychological and physical damage to GLBT youth. Deep spiritual and familial hurt often carries over into adulthood causing a life-long struggle to reconcile one’s faith identity with sexual orientation. This lecture carefully and graciously explores those sources of hurt and provides an introduction to the organizations and church movements working to reverse this hurtful impact.

Presented by Stacy McCaskill, RVC Professor of Business
6:00 p.m.
Student Center Atrium

Spring 2015


February 3

Thesis in Hip-Hop:The Rise of the Sharpened Sword

Adjunct English Instructor Grant Schubert will explore how the thesis statement gradually arose in Hip-Hop, from D.J. Hollywood to the Sugar Hill Gang and to the battle between Kool Moe Dee and Busy Bee, and the eventual realization of the thesis with Rakim.

Presented by Grant Schubert, RVC Adjunct Instructor of English
6:00 pm

Student Center Atrium

March 3

Post-Modernism:What Is It And Where Is It Going?

It’s what comes “after modernity." But does anyone know what that means? This presentation will survey some of the basic tenets of post-modern philosophy with a focus on epistemology (what we can know). The purpose of this lecture is to consider various possibilities for where postmodernity might be headed in the future.

Presented by Brian Wagner, RVC Instructor of Philosophy
6:00 pm
Student Center Atrium

April 7

The 10 Most Important Battles of the last 100 years of U.S. History

Strategy and tactics as well as the role of the American military leadership will be examined. There will also be a discussion of weapons and tactics utilizing a visual format. This presentation is a continuation of Dr. Quirk’s ongoing First Tuesday series of “top ten” military related topics.

Presented by Dr. Martin Quirk, RVC Professor of History
6:00 pm

Student Center Atrium

May 5

Miracles, Freedom, and the Problem of Evil

A brief account of miracles, free will, and the problem of evil or immense unnecessary suffering. Professor Kramer will argue the following:

  1. Miracles imply intervention on the part of a divine being (omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, or God);
  2. Historically, theists have not presumed such interventions disrupt human free will;
  3. Historically, theists have argued that God does not intervene (miraculously) to prevent horrible evils because doing so would limit human freedom, a worse scenario than allowing the evil;

This leads to at least two unpleasant conclusions for the theist: (a) Miracles do, in fact, limit human freedom; or (b) Miracles do not limit human freedom, but then there is no defense for God’s failure to prevent horrible evils.

Presented by Chris Kramer, RVC Associate Professor of Philosophy
6:00 pm

Student Center Atrium

Where is the Student Center Atrium?

The Atrium is located in the Student Center building on RVC's main campus, located at 3301 North Mulford Road in Rockford. Enter RVC from Mulford Road and park in lots 1 or 2 for the easiest access to the Student Center (see campus map).

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