Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

LOC Parking

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Current students are able to obtain a parking permit for Parking Lot C. This lot is located on the corner of Wyman Street and Jefferson Street. The lot is accessed by driving behind the Rockford Public Library and driving under the bridge. RVC students must park where the RVC Permit Parking signs are posted. Once this area is full, students must find alternative parking. 


There are temporary parking permits available to perspective students. Should you need to come to the LOC for services such as testing, advising, financial aid assistance, or counseling, and you know that you will be in the facility for an extended amount of time, you may obtain a parking permit that will allow you to park in a parking lot in the downtown area.

This permit will be good for that day only and will allow you to park in what is normally a time-limited lot (i.e. where there is typically only 2-hour parking). This pass is to be used for Parking Lot 32 (on the corner of Main St. and Elm St.) or Parking Lot C (on the corner of Jefferson St. and Park Ave).

To obtain either the temporary or semester-long parking permit, please come to the LOC Student Intake area on the day of need prior to your appointment  (i.e. 30 minutes early) to obtain the parking pass/permit. You may then move your car to the indicated area.

If you are coming to the LOC and know that you will only be there for one, two, or three hours, there is street and parking lot parking available in the area.

Please call the LOC at (815) 921-4290 with any questions.