Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

Institutional (SLO) Assessment

Institutional assessment depicts student learning and development across the college regardless of program/discipline of study. Assessment at this level includes, but is not limited to, measuring the institution's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO), a phrase used for institutional-level outcomes at RVC that are typically referred to as general education outcomes by other colleges.  

RVC Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

SLO have been assessed using institutionally developed writing prompts in conjunction with various rubrics.  Results of these assessment efforts can be found in Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports on Assessment for Student Learning.

The six SLO are:

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Integrate technology into all fields of knowledge and expression.
  • Demonstrate competency in critical thinking.
  • Respect and work effectively with persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
  • Demonstrate the behaviors of ethical and socially responsible citizens.
  • Demonstrate personal wellness.

These SLO have been revised. The new version will be rolled out during summer and fall of 2014. Click here for a preview.

Additional Institutional Assessment

The College has adopted a two-year cycle for administering nationally standardized assessments to inform student learning.

  • In odd years, the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency - Critical Thinking module is administered as a direct assessment of the College's Critical Thinking SLO.
  • In even years, the Community College Survey of Student Engagement is administered as an indirect assessment of educational practices related to student learning.

Resources and Reports

Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U):  VALUE Rubrics

KPI Summary Reports: Assessment for Student Learning - Institutional Level Assessment