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EAGLE Student FAQ & How-To Videos

Canvas Student Quickstart Guide

This page will contain information that is helpful to any student who is either wanting to come to Rock Valley College in the future or is currently enrolled with questions about RVC EAGLE, Rock Valley College's Learning Management System.

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

How do I access EAGLE when I am not on the RVC campus, what software, etc. do I need?
EAGLE is accessible anywhere that has an Internet connection.
Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release. The following browsers and Flash versions are supported:

  To access EAGLE off campus go to https://rvceagle.instructure.com and enter your login credentials.

Why is my password is not letting me onto EAGLE?
   You will have to go to the Student Center Information Desk to have your password reset as it is required for you to show a photo ID to get your password reset.  Remember once you reset this password it will affect all RVC resources including your on campus computer username and password as well as RVC Mail, RVC EAGLE, and Online Services.  We appreciate your patience and understanding about this new policy and its procedures as we are just abiding by guidelines set forth by the government on July 1 2010.

Why cannot I type in a name in EAGLE mail?
  EAGLE mail is solely for course related communication ONLY.

Can I forward my EAGLE Email?
  Unfortunately, in order to keep all specific course communication with one central place we are requiring students to keep their email internal to EAGLE and not be forwarded out of the system.  We feel that you this is in the best interest of all individuals involved with EAGLE. Thanks for understanding our processes!


Enhancement & Improvement Form
Here at RVC we try to constantly improve how things are done and we are looking for your suggestions for enhancements and/or improvements that can be made to RVC EAGLE, RVC's Learning Management System. Please feel free to fill out the form to have your voice heard.