Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

ATLE Instructional Designer

The Instructional Designer can:

Tom 1


Help you to create documents and slideshows that are interesting, educationally sound, and professional looking.





Tom 2Help you to customize and integrate publisher-packaged course materials into your own courses.






Educational Video graphicHelp you to write instructional objectives that are reliable and easy to observe, measure, and assess.





Learning PyramidHelp you to choose alternative methods of instruction, such as problem-based learning, team activities, and online discussions.







Group of studentsHelp you to develop alternate assessment methods, such as projects, presentations, and journals.




Help you to turn your traditional face-to-face course into a hybrid or fully-online course.
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  About the Instructional Designer

Tom Lombardo, Ed.D.
(815) 921-3178
Educational Technology Facebook page

Spring 2014 Office Hours

  Mondays & Wednesdays: 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Also by appointment.

TomLombardo 8-7-09

Tom Lombardo has been a full-time faculty member at Rock Valley College since 1989. During his tenure, he has developed new courses in engineering, technology, computers, and education.  He has taught traditional, hybrid, and fully-online classes, all enhanced with various forms of educational technology such as PowerPoint, EAGLE, online videos, and podcasts. Tom earned his Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology at Northern Illinois University, where he studied instructional design, educational psychology, instructional media design, technology integration, distance learning, adult education, and non-traditional methods of instruction and assessment.

As the ATLE Instructional Designer, Tom works one-on-one with faculty, providing "just-in-time" technical and pedagogical support in all aspects of teaching and learning. If you want to make your PowerPoints more engaging, arrange your documents to maximize student comprehension, add online videos to your courses, explore alternatives to traditional delivery and assessment methods, use EAGLE to enhance your courses, create podcasts, and more, then please drop by the ATLE during Tom's office hours, or call/e-mail to schedule an appointment.