PAIC Members


Robert D'Alonzo, Humanities
Howard Spearman, Academic Advising


Amanda Benney, Communication

Daniel Blumlo, History

Rick Daniels, M.S.Ed., Manager, Student Life
"I serve on this committee in order to assist RVC in promoting inclusive excellence and creating a positive environment for all students, faculty, and staff." 

Crystal Dinwiddie, Assistant Professor of Sociology
"As an RVC alum, founding member of PAIC and professor of sociology, I have a responsibility to ensure that my College and community embodies mutual respect, inclusivity, equity, and justice. Participating in PAIC has offered me a variety of opportunities to be an ally and advocate for social change toward these ends."

Paulette Gilbert, Communication

Tracy Hazen, Communication

Julie L. Hernandez, PhD., Associate Professor of Psychology
"Being a member of the PAIC Committee allows me to learn more about and become an advocate for people of diverse groups, especially people who are disabled (I myself am hearing-impaired), identify as LGBTQ+, and struggle with psychological problems."

Shurice Hunter, Human Resources

Tammy Lewis, Center for Learning in Retirement

Jacki Moss, Med, RRT, RCP, Clinical Coordinator, Respiratory Care                
"I want to promote and advocate for social justice within the RVC community."

Jessica Oladapo, Sociology

Sonia Reising, Intercultural Student Services

Michelle Rotert, Academic Chair/Professor of Philosophy
"I joined the PAIC committee because I am committed to equity and social justice both inside and outside of academic."

Robbin Snodgrass, Events Coordinator