Rock Valley College

PAIC Members


Rick Daniels, M.S.Ed., Dean of Students 

Mat Oakes, Faculty, Communication

PAIC Members/Friends 

Robert D’Alonzo, Faculty, Humanities

Sylvia Emerson, Faculty, CIS

Mary Foreman, Coordinator, International Students

Danielle Fundora Hardesty, Faculty, Communication

Paulette Gilbert, Faculty, Communication

Beth Ingle, Faculty, History

Tammy Lewis, Director, Center for Learning in Retirement

Jessy Quisenberry, Coordinator, Dual Credit & High School Connections

Michelle Rotert, Academic Chair/Professor of Philosophy 

Garth Rubin,  Project Advisor, TRIO Achieve

Lynn Shattuck, Director, Disability Support Services

Amanda Smith, Dean, Transitional Opportunities & Career Education

Robbin Snodgrass, Events Coordinator

Howard Spearman, Vice President, Student Services

Brian Wagner, Faculty, Philosophy

Tammy Whitehead, Faculty, Humanities