Rock Valley College

College Strategic Plan

The 2013-2015 strategic plan provides a general framework for the College's priorities to address its mission, promote excellence, and allocate resources.To implement the College Strategic Plan, the College Leadership Team identifies annual action steps within the multi-year plan, which is supported by other detailed strategic plans, including the following:

  • Academic Plan
  • Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan
  • Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan
  • Institutional Advancement (IA) Strategic Plan
  • Financial Planning Model
Goal 1: Foster students' attainment of their academic goals and prepare them for life-long learning to succeed in an ever-changing world 


RVC will be a leader in increasing educational attainment in the region. 



1.A. Ensure educational quality by advancing instructional excellence and setting high expectations for learning

1.B. Promote the success of all students for transfer, job placement, or career advancement

1.C. Use the results of student learning assessment for continuous improvement, institutional accountability, and transparency

1.D. Provide student support that increases both access and success for those in post-secondary education and training

1.E.Increase access by reducing students' time to degree, implementing strategies to reduce textbook costs, and seeking additional financial support
Goal 2: Enhance College and community partnerships  


RVC will be a leader in regional educational efforts.                                                        



2.A. Strengthen community partnerships and advisory groupsto maximize resources, eliminate duplication of efforts, and ensure sustainability of large-scale efforts leading to business growth, work force development, and job creation

2.B. Seek funding to continue and accelerate collaboration with local and state government, business and industry, P-12 and higher education providers and district communities

2.C. Foster community partnerships to enhance the College's leadership role in providing regional cultural enrichment

2.D. Strengthen internal collaboration to enhance effectiveness in fulfilling the College mission to serve students
Goal 3: Ensure institutional vitality through continuous improvement  


RVC will be a progressive learning institution.  



3.A. Model fiscal responsibility and sustainability

3.B. Evaluate existing programs to ensure the College is meeting its mission and responding to research-determined regional needs

3.C. Identify and act on areas for improvement and select an improvement "pathway" of institutional focus for the new accreditation process

3.D. Through a continuous cycle of planning implementation, and evaluation, support strategic initiatives, promote efficiencies, and deliver a progressive learning/working environment 
Goal 4: Maintain the College's strong regional identity as an institution that provides quality education, workforce development, and cultural enrichment. 


RVC will be the learning institution of choice in its service area.                         


4.A.Engage the Foundation, Trustees, College employees, students and alumni in "Telling their RVC Story" and promoting the College's reputation for excellence

4.B.Reinforce the College's central priorities through a college-wide review of mission and ongoing tracking of strategic goals

4.C.Offer and promote a variety of quality cultural enrichment events and activities

4.D. Showcase College achievements and student success
Goal 5: Promote an inclusive and diverse community that enhances the College climate and workforce.  


RVC will be the employer of choice in its service area.                              



5.A. Through student and staff recruitment and retention efforts, build a College community that reflects the diversity of the region served and prepares district residents to live and work in a global society

5.B.Create a college-wide strategy to promote civility, collaboration, inclusion, and respect